Articles on public relations

Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mike Liew, Managing Partner, IN.FOM   |     21, May 2020

Communication in the Age of COVID-19: What Conditi...

Frank Córdova Durand, Press Director, Realidades   |     19, May 2020

5 Tips for Partnering with a PR Agency

Hinda Chalew, Vice President, Product Marketing   |     15, Apr 2020

From Germany to the United States: A Look at Today...

Andrea Ballesteros, Media Relations Specialist   |     14, Apr 2020

Crisis Management — A Few Basic Strategies from Si...

Michael Sitrick and Terry Fahn, Sitrick And Company   |     08, Apr 2020

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Photos and Videos ...

Jeff Shulman, Customer Success Manager   |     06, Apr 2020

State of PR Around the Globe

Sandra Fathi, President, Affect   |     03, Apr 2020

PR Council: Helping Each Other to Take Care of Our...

Kim Sample, President, PR Council   |     27, Mar 2020

10 PR Tricks to Increase News Release Visibility

Dara Quackenbush, Account Manager   |     23, Mar 2020

The 2020 Crisis Communications Resource List

Serena Ehrlich, Director of Product Marketing   |     13, Mar 2020

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