Joint press releases are a valuable tool for boosting product and brand awareness. A joint release not only informs the media, investors, businesses, and consumers about products, it also acts as a mutual endorsement of the partnering companies' services.

So, how do you write an effective joint press release?

Corralling a Partnership Press Release

Well-written partnership releases should include two-way exposure. Remember, you’re not only introducing your new partner’s services to your target audience, you’re also gaining reach into your partner's target audience...groups that can be vastly different!  For smaller companies and start-ups, two-way exposure can be incredibly impactful when announcing a partnership with a credible, well-respected organization.

Wet Their Whistle with a Descriptive Headline

  • Include both company names in the headline.
  • The issuing company (your company) should be at the beginning of the headline.
  • Detail what the partnership will accomplish, not just "Company A and Company B announce partnership."
  • Do not place information exclusively in a subhead; not all websites post subheads, and information located in the subhead should be reiterated in the body of your release.
Hyperice Partners With Pro Pickleball Association to Help Drive Recovery for Players FiveBy and Worldline Offer Solutions to Reduce Global Ecommerce Payment Fraud

Headlines like the examples shown above include the names of all participants as well as what the partnership intends to solve.

Saddle Up with a Double Dateline

Include both companies’ headquarters cities in the dateline. Datelines help journalists know a release impacts their territory. Best practice is to include the cities where the companies are headquartered or the location a partnership will impact.

These press releases both show examples of a double dateline:


If your collaboration involves a worksite that is not in the same region as your headquarters, include that as well: MINNEAPOLIS & LONDON & SANTA FE, Texas

Head 'em Off with the Body of the Release

The body should detail the benefits of the partnership. Instead of using the body to exclusively describe the advantages received by your company, cross-promote by explaining how all players benefit from the newly-inked deal. Approaching the partnership benefits from only one point of view misses the audience boost a joint release can supply. 

  • Include full company names and stock tickers in the lede.
  • Use quotes from both companies, a CEO or anyone with name recognition is best.
  • Keep quotes short: Quotes up to 50 words will be displayed in a call-out box on Business Wire’s website.
  • If present, mention a local angle (for both datelines) in the release body so journalists in those cities know how the partnership impacts their region.

Rustle Up Boilerplates for All Partners

An industry standard, boilerplates describe the company and its products. Include boilerplate paragraphs from both companies at the end of the release, providing equal branding to each company. And, since joint releases cross-promote, you’ll want to include contact information for both companies. Avoid a generic email address if it isn’t checked often.

Effective boilerplates include:

  • A header for each company, typically formatted, “About Company Name.”
  • A brief summary of your business.
  • Links to the company’s website.
  • A “Call to Action” to learn more, follow on a social media channel or visit a landing page.

Before You Mosey

Add logos and multimedia. Another way to promote brand awareness for both companies (and also grab the eyes of viewers!) is to include logos for both partners. Adding multimedia that features both partners or the joint product creates more opportunities for better pickup and viewer engagement.

Share your news. Be social by including links to both companies’ social sites. Press releases distributed by Business Wire allow you to provide direct links to your social media profiles, as well as relevant hashtags, alongside your release.

Congratulations, you’ve composed a solid joint press release.  Now, how will you decide who to tell?

How to Choose the Best Distribution for a Joint Release

Working with a wire service and selecting the right distribution list or lists is a critical step in ensuring your press releases reach the right audience. Tailoring your distribution helps maximize the impact of your news by targeting specific sectors, industries, or regions that are most relevant to your announcement.

Consider factors such as the geographic scope of your news, the industry your message pertains to, and the demographics of your intended audience. Whether you're aiming for national coverage, industry-specific attention, or local visibility, choosing the appropriate distribution list enhances the likelihood of your press release getting in front of the eyes that matter most.

The Business Wire team can help you determine the optimal distribution for your news. A few ideas for joint press releases:

  • Send to a geographic circuit that includes both headquarters cities. If the headquarters/datelines are CHICAGO & MILWAUKEE, choose Business Wire’s Midwest or National distribution list. If the partnership is enabling a new venture abroad in Japan, choose a geographic list that includes the headquarters states as well as the Japan circuit.
  • Use a targeted service circuit when partnering with a company outside your usual business scope, such as Business Wire’s African American circuit, Colleges & Universities circuit, or VentureBeat.

Effective joint releases bridge two customer communities. Write in a way that educates your customers about your partner’s services and vice versa. Aim for equal branding and both partners can reap the benefits.

So Long, Partner!

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