Last year, Business Wire distributed thousands of press releases for clients in industries including tech, healthcare, food and beverage, retail, and more. Explore some of our top releases from 2023 for examples of best practices and ways to leverage Business Wire's press release enhancements.

Take a look at last year's top-viewed press releases, and try out some of these ideas in your next release.

GE Appliances Ouster and Velodyne

GE Profile™ Leads the Industry into the Future of Laundry with an All-In-One Solution

Ouster and Velodyne Complete Merger of Equals to Accelerate Lidar 

  • Ouster shared its ticker symbol, giving readers immediate access to stock-related information.
  • Cashtags facilitated easy identification and tracking of discussions related to Ouster's news on social media platforms like X.
  • Business Wire allows organizations to prominently feature their company information including headquarters, website, CEO, and more, providing essential background details.
Alibaba CrowdStrike

Alibaba Group Announces December Quarter 2022 Results

  • Alibaba's Release Summary provided readers with a concise overview of their news.
  • The inclusion of financial tables provided comprehensive data to help stakeholders and investors analyze and understand the company's performance in detail. Learn more about earnings releases.
  • Similar to cashtags, adding hashtags helped amplify the release's visibility on social media platforms, supporting a broader audience reach and facilitating social discussions.

CrowdStrike Takes On History's Most Infamous Breach in First Big Game Commercial

  • CrowdStrike included its full-color logo with its release, increasing brand awareness. Business Wire includes your logo at no additional cost, and it is always visible in our newsfeed.
  • Adding a video to this press release engaged readers in a more interactive way.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Cheerios

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Announces U.S. FDA Approval of DAYBUE™ (trofinetide) for the Treatment of Rett Syndrome in Adult and Pediatric Patients Two Years of Age and Older

  • Acadia Pharmaceuticals issued an Interactive Media release to share its news. Interactive Media releases offer an engaging experience for viewers, combining a mix of multimedia and interactive elements.

Cheerios Brings Together Real-Life Best Friends Leslie David Baker and Phyllis Smith to Inspire a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

  • The inclusion of vibrant visuals helped catch readers' eyes and tell General Mills' story. Multimedia assets are the top feature of a newswire service for journalists, according to Business Wire’s 2023 Journalist Feedback Survey. Learn more about the value of multimedia.
  • Leslie David Baker and Phyllis Smith served as powerful influencers for General Mills. By featuring influencers or spokespeople in this press release, its message became more relatable and authentic.

Jack in the Box Burger King

Jack in the Box Partners with Mint Mobile for New Shake, Brings Back Popular Fan Favorites

  • Jack in the Box featured several images with this release, bringing to life its partnership news to catch the eye of viewers. Each image included a caption which contributed to improved SEO. Search engines index the text in multimedia captions, enhancing the visibility of the press release.
  • In the Social Media Profiles section, Jack in the Box linked to its Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram profiles, offering readers the ability to quickly learn more about the company and its news. This also encouraged social sharing and discussion.

Burger King® Kick-starts Spring With the Return of Melts and New Spicy Chicken Fries

  • Burger King's release contained concise paragraphs and a bulleted list with bold headings. These elements made the release easier to scan and allowed readers to quickly grasp the highlights of the announcement.

Takeda Colossal Biosciences

Takeda To Acquire Exclusive Worldwide (ex-China) License of HUTCHMED's Fruquintinib, a Highly Selective, Oral VEGFR1/2/3 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor

  • Takeda issued this release in several languages (listed in the Release Versions section of the press release), allowing its news to be more easily understood by vast audiences. Business Wire offers translation services to support international press release distribution.

Colossal Biosciences Secures $150M Series B and Announces Plan to De-Extinct the Iconic Dodo

  • We see a lot of headshots in the news, and we like how Colossal Biosciences put its own spin on how to feature key business representatives while also showing off the company's personality.
  • A pull quote highlighted the press release's key messages. Viewers could also click "Post this" to share Colossal Biosciences' press release in one click on X. 

Skechers e.l.f.

Snoop Dogg Brings His Crew to the Big Game in Skechers Slip-ins Campaign

  • Don't be afraid to get creative with your press releases. Sketchers opened its release with a playful statement.
  • Sketchers put the Release Summary feature to work, providing a quick overview of its exciting partnership with Snoop Dogg. The pull quote also underscored the main message of its announcement.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Gets Sticky With Jennifer Coolidge in Its First-Ever Commercial Debuting at the Big Game to Celebrate Its #1 Best-Selling Primer

  • e.l.f. let its spokesperson, Jennifer Coolidge, show off her bubbly, quirky personality in a video spot included with its release.

Remember to try these tips and tricks in 2024 and turn your press releases into breaking news

  • Craft creative headlines
  • Put thought behind attention-grabbing ledes
  • Include exciting multimedia assets
  • Be strategic with pull quotes
  • Include formatting elements like bolding and bulleted lists
  • Keep paragraphs concise
  • Use shaded tables to share financial updates

And with Business Wire, be sure to:

  • Use the Release Summary to provide an overview of your news
  • Include links to your social media accounts
  • Add relevant hashtags or cashtags
  • Check out Interactive Media and turn your news into a storytelling experience
  • Take advantage of our translation services if sharing your news internationally

Combining these press release elements ensures your news is informative and optimized for the evolving preferences and engagement patterns of today's audiences.

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