Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It's a day when businesses offer significant discounts and promotions to attract shoppers both online and in stores. To make the most of this shopping frenzy, it's crucial for organizations to effectively share their Black Friday promotions. Enter the press release.

In 2022, news releases covering Black Friday promotions distributed by Business Wire garnered nearly 9 million impressions and over 660,000 clicks. Including a press release as part of your Black Friday marketing campaign will get eyes on your announcement and clicks to your site.

See how a press release can be used to let the masses know about your Black Friday promotion, plus tips for crafting a release that audiences will want to read.

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Crafting an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Your news release needs an attention-grabbing headline that furthers your Black Friday marketing messaging, especially during this time of year when many organizations are vying for attention. Convey the essence of your deal and create excitement with phrases like:

  • Unbeatable Black Friday Deals
  • Biggest Savings of the Year
  • Massive Discounts Incoming
  • Black Friday Price Madness Starts Now
  • Don't Miss Out on Black Friday Blowout
  • Incredible Savings Await
  • Gear Up for Black Friday
  • Unbelievable Offers About to Begin
  • The Ultimate Black Friday Sale
  • Best Brands and Best Pricing
  • Countdown to Crazy Savings
  • Hottest Black Friday Deals Revealed
  • Savings Alert: Best Bargains of the Year
  • Brace Yourself for Our Black Friday Sale
  • Deals You Can't Afford to Miss

Highlight the Value Proposition

In the body of your press release, clearly articulate the value of your Black Friday marketing campaigns. Explain why your promotions are worth the customer's time and money. Use persuasive language and specific examples to illustrate the savings and benefits customers will receive. Whether it's a percentage discount, a buy-one-get-one offer, or a bundled deal, make it crystal clear why your Black Friday promotion is a must-see event.

  • Use Numbers: Get people's attention with specific numbers related to your Black Friday sale. Think 2 for 1, 40% discount, or $35 off.
  • Use Comparisons: Compare your discounts to current marketing pricing to make the significance of your deal clear. Regularly $65, our Black Friday sale discounts the cost to only $25! 
  • Use Features: Sell the benefits of a product or service as it relates to the value of the discount offered. Subscribe at the discounted holiday rate and get free access to premium channels for one month!
  • Use Timing: Highlight the window of time this deal or product will be available. Act fast! The sale lasts only 24 hours! 

Provide Detailed Information

No matter your Black Friday promotional ideas, be sure to include all the pertinent information about your event.

  • Date and time: Specify when the promotion begins and ends, including any special early bird or late-night offers.
  • Location: If you have physical stores, mention the addresses. For online promotions, provide your website URL.
  • Product details: List the products or services that are part of the deal and provide product images and descriptions.
  • Terms and conditions: Be transparent about any limitations or restrictions associated with the promotion, such as minimum purchase requirements or exclusions.
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Use Multimedia

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video can convey even more. Incorporating images or videos into your press release can help potential customers visualize the deals you're offering. Use high-quality, eye-catching visuals that emphasize the value of your Black Friday promotions.

  • Product pictures: Show what is being sold and include information about any discounts.
  • Video: Create a video about your Black Friday sale that can be shared.
  • Slideshow: Allow the press and readers to scan through multiple images displaying your most important promotions.

Include Quotes

Quotes from your company's executives or key team members can add a personal touch to your press release. These quotes can provide insight into the company's excitement about the Black Friday event and reinforce the value proposition. For example, the CEO might say, "We're thrilled to offer these unprecedented Black Friday discounts as a token of our appreciation for our customers' loyalty."

Share Customer Testimonials

If your organization has a history of successful Black Friday promotions, consider including customer testimonials in your press release. Real-life experiences from satisfied customers can provide social proof and build trust among potential shoppers.

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Distribute Through Multiple Channels

In addition to distributing your Black Friday press release with a newswire, post it on your website, share it on your social media platforms, and email it to your subscriber list. Sharing your announcement through multiple channels helps spread the word.


Business Wire can help you reach local and industry-specific media outlets. Our experts will work with you to determine the optimal distribution lists for your Black Friday promotion.

Timing Matters

The timing of your Black Friday press release is crucial. Aim to send it out a week or two before Black Friday (or before your promotion begins – more and more organizations are launching their Black Friday deals well in advance of the day after Thanksgiving) to build anticipation and allow customers to plan their shopping strategy.

Press releases are a powerful tool for sharing Black Friday promotions and deals with your target audience. They enable you to communicate the value of your offerings, generate excitement, and create buzz around your Black Friday event.

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