What were 2023’s news and public relations hot topics? Our top-viewed Business Wire Blog posts last year covered AI, annual trends and predictions, expert tips for crafting attention-grabbing headlines, leveraging joint press releases, using social media to effectively share news, and strengthening international media relations. Review each of the blog posts below.

Press Release vs. News Release: Is There a Difference?

Is there a difference between a "press release" and a "news release"? Explore the two terms and learn why, regardless of the terminology, releases are crucial tools in public relations and marketing strategies.

AI-Powered Tools: What Do Public Relations Pros Need to Know?

Discover the influence of AI-powered tools on public relations and marketing. Given the rise of generative AI tools, what essential information should be on the radar of public relations professionals?

Adapting to the Future of Communications and Marketing: How Brands Can Thrive in the Digital Landscape

Stefan Pollack of The Pollack Group discusses the evolving landscape of communications and marketing, delving into strategies for brands to stay competitive amid new digital challenges.

Media Relations Trends and Predictions for 2024

Gain valuable insights into the impacts of AI on public relations, journalism, international news media, social media, data privacy trends, and more, based on the Business Wire Media Relation Team's observations throughout 2023.

From ChatGPT to DEI: The Top Trends That Defined Brands in 2023 and What’s Next for 2024

Review the key topics that dominated marketing and communications discussions throughout 2023 and learn what to anticipate this year.

Creating a Headline That Counts: 3 Tips to Get Started

One of Business Wire’s expert editors shares essential tips for crafting press release headlines that grab the attention of both media and readers, along with key elements crucial for the success of a news story.

Howdy Partner: Joint Press Release Tips from the Newsroom

A powerful tool for enhancing product and brand awareness, joint press releases not only inform stakeholders but also serve as a mutual endorsement, showcasing the strengths of partnering companies. Explore valuable tips for crafting and distributing joint press releases.

Getting Social: 3 Tips for Using Social Media to Share Your News

Social media is a pivotal platform for sharing information and brand engagement. Incorporating a well-defined social media strategy into public relations initiatives is imperative. Learn how and why to showcase press releases and media coverage on social media.

News in Action: Stand Out with These Press Release Features

Discover how Business Wire elevates your news with press release features designed to captivate both media and target audiences with notable examples showcasing the effective use of features that optimize the announcements of featured organizations.

32 International Media Relations Best Practices

Recognizing that news and media influence spans borders, successfully engaging reporters globally demands finesse, cultural awareness, and a customized approach. Business Wire's Global Media Relations team provides best practices for pitching journalists worldwide.

From navigating the influence of AI-powered tools on public relations to practical tips for press release creation and distribution, each of these popular blog posts shared valuable insights. What topics will be of interest this year? What trends will make an impact on PR, IR, and media relations? We look forward to discussing them!

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