Global Relations Has Changed – The Shift from Information to Participation

September 22, 2014

This year’s Global Media Forum held in Bonn, Germany launched a new shift in thinking for today’s media outlets.

Historically, relationships between media and companies have been about information sharing.  Companies write press releases, media outlets write coverage based on that information.  But this has changed.  In 2014, news sharing is shifting from learning by reading, to learning via participation.

Read this piece by Business Wire Germany’s Senior International Media Relations Specialist Kai Prager to learn more about this shift, and what changed the way Europeans think about media, news and news sharing in 2014.

How Reporters Use Social Media in 2014

September 19, 2014

In the piece, “The Role of Social Media in Today’s Newsroom” Business Wire senior editor Paul Bowman takes a closer look at how today’s reporters are utilizing social media in their day-to-day work. And the results are somewhat surprising.  While today’s reporters rely heavily on social media and company newsrooms for research and article promotion, they are not interested in receiving pitches on this channel.


So how can you influence reporters across social channels, without directly pitching them?  Read on to find out:

Media Relations Tip: Increase Press Release Coverage Impact with Social Sharing

September 17, 2014

In this blog post, Business Wire looked at the metrics used to evaluate reporters based on their stories, and how communication pros can not only help them meet their metrics.

The core metric used to evaluate reporters on the stories is views – the more eyeballs on the story, the more successfully the content is seen.  In this article you will learn what you can do to help reporters meet this metric, ultimately building a stronger media relations program.

What Media Want in Your Online Newsroom

September 15, 2014

Survey reveals the 10 most desired types of content

By Ibrey Woodall

In the August 7, 2014 online issue of PR Week, I presented the “Top 10 Content Types For Today’s Online Newsroom.” This research and insight was extracted from the 2014 Business Wire Media Survey of over 300 journalists. When asked what type of information they wanted to access in an organization’s online newsroom/media center, members of the media ranked the following content types.


  1. Press Releases
    Graded the highest, press releases must be categorized by subject and searchable by date. A minimum of 1 to 5 years of historical releases should be made available.
  2. Breaking News
    The moment that major news is made available, reporters want to be notified immediately via an email alert that provides them with a link to the most recently announced news.
  3. Media Relations Contact Information
    This information must be prominent on the Home Page of your online newsroom. Make it easy for reporters to find who is responsible for what content, in which geographic region.
  4. Fact Sheets
    Nothing but the facts, easily accessible and digestible. Provide a bullet-point list of the basics that any journalist needs to write an article about your company, including addresses for headquarters and other locations, date established, number of employees and annual revenues.
  5. Images / Photographs
    If a journalist needs a logo, image or photograph to go with the story, they’re going to go to the multimedia gallery within your media center to download it.
  6. Press Kits
    If you have a lot of content for a specific event, product or promotion, package it in a press kit.
  7. Executive Biographies
    Headshots, personal history, birthdates, affiliations, quotes, interviews and white papers should be provided for all top executives.
  8. History
    Lend a starting point to all reporters on a research mission with an overview section about the company, including major timelines and additional historical data.
  9. Events
    List press conferences, product launches, executive appearances and industry events so that journalists can choose to attend and cover your news.
  10. Locations
    A list of facility locations help media in determining regional proximity and size, as well as company effect on the particular region, whether domestic or international.

Preferred types of content in a newsroom Q23

For more details, download the “Top 10 Content Types for Today’s Online Newsroom” article.


As VP Web Communications Services, Ibrey Woodall is responsible for Business Wire’s NewsHQ Online Newsroom and InvestorHQ Investor Center products. Ibrey holds a B.A. in Mass Communications and a Webmaster certification. She has been involved in launching online newsrooms and investor centers for Fortune 500 companies. She can be reached at, or via Twitter @IbreyWoodall.

The Online Newsroom Debate: Combine or Split Out Financial Data

September 12, 2014

In this piece by Ibrey Woodall, Business Wire’s VP of web communication services, we take a closer look at the various ways public companies present their company news to reporters, analysts and other parties.


Some online newsrooms combine public relations, branded content and investor information on one single landing page. While this allows all interested parties access to a wide range of content, many experts have noted that the experience these newsrooms present are not customized enough to produce significant results.

The other option is to decouple company and branded content from investor information by creating two sites, an online newsroom and an IR site that link to each other as needed. Since each audience has such differing goals when visiting the company’s site, this allows each section of the website to be tailored enough to the visitor that it drives higher rates of adoption of content and alignment with the company message itself.

What type of corporate online newsroom does your company have?  And why should you care?  (Hint –over 70 percent of reporters access the company’s news page when writing a story).  Read more here to find out which set up works best for you and your goals.

Survey says? Reporters want breaking company news and photos!

September 10, 2014

In this analysis of the 2014 Business Wire media survey, Ibrey Woodall, Business Wire’s VP of web services, takes a deeper look at the types of multimedia elements most preferred by today’s reporters.


Not only do we cover the 7 types of news reporters want to see in a press release, we discuss what supporting assets work the best. As we move into a more visual, interactive world, text-only press releases are becoming increasingly rare.  Reporters are using images to round out their story and if you are not providing one, your competitor may be.


Take a few minutes and read this piece to learn which types of multimedia reporters need and why:

The Future of Content Marketing – Interactive Content

September 8, 2014

Are you responsible for your organizations’s communications program? For explaining new company initiatives to media outlets, influencers and other key constituents? Are you looking for new ways to increase your coverage, to build better fans and to increase social conversations about your news?  Then why are you issuing plain text press releases?

Press releases jump start awareness, generate coverage, initiate conversations and more.  Whether your release is text only, or includes images and graphics, you are starting a conversation, the difference is how many impactful conversations you are generating.


In a recent article for, Serena Ehrlich, our director of social and evolving media breaks down the latest in content and news distribution, the embeddable asset widget called the Capsule.  This single asset, shared and embedded by media outlets via a single link, provides readers on-demand access to the videos, photos, PDF forms and more they want, all while reading your coverage.

Learn how easy it is to utilize this product today:


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