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Happy Black History Month! This is THE month to reflect on the pioneering accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. Celebrating the past, however, also involves embracing the future. Let’s take a look at AI in the Black community.

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What is AI?

Imagine describing an image that you desire and having something to create it instantaneously. This is what AI does. Generative AI begins with a prompt - text, image, video, design, or other input. In response, various AI algorithms return creative new content that wows and is oftentimes amazing and mind-boggling.

The possibilities of AI excite many, but everyone is not on the AI bandwagon. Research indicates that AI will have a significant effect on our nation and economy. According to the International Monetary Fund, AI will affect almost 40 percent of jobs around the world, replacing some and complementing others. A new report by McKinsey & Company indicates that Gen AI could widen the existing racial economic gap in the U.S. by $43 billion annually. McKinsey goes on to report that Black workers are overrepresented in roles most likely to be impacted by automation.

Of course, there are several ethical challenges surrounding AI including libel and copyright issues, data privacy concerns, and elimination of jobs. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that AI can complement human work.

AI helps with digitization by enabling us to collect, process, and analyze data at a faster rate. Whether we want to admit it or not, AI has the potential to change how we live, work, and play.

Living, Working, and Playing with AI

Living with AI: Many of us have needed direct assistance with an issue and after calling a toll-free number, we had to wait endless lengths for someone to answer and help us out. AI can make life a little easier, as AI-powered virtual agents are available 24/7 and do not take lunch breaks or power naps. AI also opens up a new world of possibilities for us. If nothing else, AI can spark an idea and provide a wide range of content options.

Working with AI: AI helps companies to improve their operations and work at a faster pace through automation – handling repetitive and detail-oriented tasks and automating quality control. Some companies have incorporated chatbots into their websites to provide better service to customers. Some newsrooms are using AI to assist with topic research and headline generation, as well as proofreading.

Playing with AI: From creating illustrations for projects and digital portraits they’ve submitted, to creating funny memes, music, avatars, and so much more, AI can also be used just for fun.

Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code once said: “The great economic equalizer of our generation, the revolution of this generation, is indeed technology. And by embedding these skills and abilities in our youth today, we can change the nation—one girl, one woman and one generation at a time.”

The rapid advancement of AI has captivated the world, and many are prone to give it a twirl. AI will continue to be important in fields around the world and time will tell to see how its impact continues to unfurl.

Watch Business Wire's on demand webinar: AI in the Black Community

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