For the last 18 months, Business Wire and Onclusive have been working closely together to analyze thousands of press releases. In our recent webinar, we examined more than 6,000 technology press releases and the results were surprising.

Based on the data, we recommend technology PR teams use these three insights to increase the impact of their press releases:

1) Reporters like tech news.

Technology press releases tend to get more earned media than other industry releases. While we cannot specifically say why, it is possible that technology has gone mainstream, and more reporters are writing stories about this type of news.

We learned that PR teams, habitually, send their technology releases out on certain days and times, similar to those from other industries. To find the best day and time for your news, we recommend changing things up and seeing if another day and time yields better and different results for your company.

2) Tech jargon impacts coverage.

When writing a press release on technology, keep it simple. Reporters have a lot on their plate. The simpler the message, the more likely it will get covered.

We learned that technical jargon can be a challenge when it comes to coverage. Most reporters are covering different industries and writing for broader audiences – they are not technologists. Jargon gets in the way of a great story. Our panelists recommend keeping your messages simple and clear to maximize potential usage. If the reporter doesn’t understand what you are talking about, you aren’t going to see your new product or service in print.

3) Tech companies don’t socialize their news enough.

The data clearly shows that technology companies are not utilizing social to drive conversations. When it comes to social, in particular Twitter, technology news seems to fall behind in the number tweets of when compared to other industries. Technology companies are covered well on social, so stepping up your Twitter presence for press releases will help.

We expected technology companies to have strong Twitter followings, but the data doesn’t support that conclusion. To increase reach on social, we recommend technology companies increase social support for their news.

Through periodic webinars with Onclusive, we continue to learn more about the data behind press releases. Onclusive has helped us uncover the best times to distribute a press release using a newswire – looking specifically at which distribution times generate the most social interaction and editorial coverage.

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