Holiday seasons evoke winter cheer — picture bustling markets, ice skating, warm mugs of cider, and friendly mall Santas. But with COVID-19 cases climbing, communicating 2020 holiday news while capturing the new norm means keeping consumer behavior in mind.

Many people may opt for a cozy holiday season indoors, dining in more frequently and perhaps investing in kitchen appliances or supporting local eateries, while others are using technology to stay connected to loved ones. As consumers focus on celebrating the holidays safely during the pandemic, businesses are also adapting accordingly and finding opportunities to reach consumers and address their new needs. PR gurus have the chance to connect their messages directly to their business goals by turning a traditional news release into something custom-fit for their audience.

Here are a few tips for crafting a release that will stand out to journalists and still capture the festive vibe of the season.

Keep Your Pitch Current, Relevance is Key

  • Give your release a holiday twist while acknowledging current events and their effect on how consumers choose to celebrate this season. Here is just one example from the many we have seen so far this year.
  • Use a compelling headline to hook the reader. Please be sure to include the issuing party. Sometimes a longer headline is okay if it means a polished headline. Google only shows the first 65 characters, but it optimizes the entire headline.
  • Make sure you select trending keywords that are also frequently used in your industry. You can check this by using Google Trends — it’s free!
  • Be mindful of timing when distributing news releases. To get the most impact, strategically time when you want your release to cross the wire.
  • Don’t forget to add Click-to-Tweet links for real-time sharing on social media.

Pass the Eggnog Please, This Holiday’s Hottest Topics for a Holiday Unlike Others

  • Holiday Gift Guides with a Focus on Staying In. Hygge, the Danish word to describe a feeling of coziness and warmth leading to contentment, is often depicted through images of people curling up with a hot chocolate by the fireplace or bundled up in a plush throw. The domestic bliss that hygge describes can also be harnessed for launching a new product that would be perfect for the family when staying in is optimal. Whether it’s reconnecting with your inner chef or taking up domestic crafts like wallpapering, there are so many fun indoor holiday activities. Make sure your release is both consumer and reporter-friendly.
  • ‘Tis the Season for Giving. Everyone knows the holidays aren’t just about getting but also giving. Good corporate citizenship shows your business cares. And as we are entering a holiday season shaped by the pandemic, focus on how you continue to give. Inquire at Business Wire about selecting our CSR Circuit to let your story be heard by leading CSR magazines and news outlets.  
  • New Year, New Resolutions. Think positive. With the whirlwind of challenges 2020 has presented, looking to 2021 with an optimistic, goal-oriented perspective is key to planning for a fruitful year ahead. After being faced with a health crisis, the usual resolution to stay healthy will take on even more potency. Create a PR program that will capture the zeitgeist of your consumers. Think of providing a positive and uplifting spin for the new year.

Don’t Forget to Decorate the Tree, Increase Delight and Results With Visuals

Remember, the holiday season is a time of cheer. Bright lights, tinsel, and colorful wrapping paper bring us joy and distract us from the dark winter months ahead. Your press release should include the same bit of flair to catch the eye. Here are a few ways to incorporate multimedia:

  • Include Images. A picture is worth a thousand words and adding an eye-catching image that thoughtfully illustrates your story will help generate greater coverage. Adding multimedia increases news release views and enables reporters to use your content in their own stories.
  • Add a Video. Videos are a great way to inform. Reporters, editors, consumers, and investors are looking for multimedia news, and videos add depth as well as easily digestible information. Images grab attention and videos keep it.
  • Interactive Media. Let your audience engage with your news story by upgrading it to Interactive Media, ensuring your holiday news isn’t glossed over.

This holiday season give the gift of a story that rethinks the holidays without losing the joy. Celebrate safely

Seasonal News Guide

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