In today’s digital world, a crisis can occur at any time and can come from any direction. It can be a negative event surrounding your product, an emergency impacting your stakeholders, or a global pandemic impacting your business supply chain. 

Whatever the crisis, communicators must always be prepared to act. 
Below is a curated list of 15 of the best articles, guides, podcasts and resources on how to prepare for a modern crisis.

  1. Harvard Business Review: Don’t Hide Bad News in Times of Crisis
  2. Smarp: Crisis Communication: Definition, Importance and Best Practices
  3. Key Local Government Personnel You Need on Your Crisis Communications Team
  4. Affect Strategies: Top 10 Tips for Effective Crisis Management
  5. HubSpot: 6 Crisis Communication Plan Examples & How to Write Your Own [Template]
  6. Financial Profiles: COVID-19: Tips for Communicating with Investors in a Turbulent Market
  7. Navigating COVID-19 from the Investor Relations Perspective
  8. Twitter: Brand Communications in Time of Crisis
  9. LumApps: Best Practices in Internal Communications for Crisis Management
  10. Worldcom: Crisis Communication Trends: 2020 Coronavirus
  11. [PODCAST] Channel Mastery: Crisis Communications During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  12. Prosper Strategies: Resources: Coronavirus Communications Checklist for Non-Profits
  13. O’Dwyer’s PR: The Importance of Post-Crisis Communications
  14. PRSA: Crisis Management
  15. Edelman: 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer

Time moves fast. Be prepared to communicate quickly and appropriately.


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