Sending press releases to media outlets that cover college and university news can be a strategic approach to gain visibility, share important updates, and build relationships with the public and the media.  

When writing press releases for college and university news outlets, it's important to tailor the content to your audience, focusing on aspects that would be of interest to students, faculty, alumni, parents, and the local community. A few topics of interest to media covering higher education news include:  

  • Announcing Achievements: Significant achievements, milestones, or innovations within the educational institution, including research breakthroughs, faculty accolades, or student accomplishments. 
  • Promoting Events: Information about lectures, workshops, conferences, and cultural performances.  
  • Program Launches: New academic programs, courses, or initiatives. 
  • Thought Leadership: Scholar insights, research findings, and thought leadership pieces, that demonstrate the institution's expertise. 

What are the benefits of sharing news with college and university media? 

Regularly sharing announcements like these highlight the unique aspects of educational institutions, such as campus facilities, faculty, and student life. This can help strengthen the reputation of your college or university and attract new students and donors. 

College and university public relations campaigns also help build relationships with journalists and reporters covering education-based topics, which can lead to more coverage in the future. Press releases and associated news coverage also help keep the local community and alumni engaged.  

Lastly, in times of crisis, such as an incident on campus or policy changes, distributing press releases help ensure accurate information is disseminated to the public, helping to manage the narrative. 

Business Wire’s Colleges and Universities Distribution List 

Our team at Business Wire often works with clients on press releases about academic scholarships, athletics updates, NIL, research projects, marketing campaigns, and more. Business Wire’s Colleges and Universities distribution list enables our clients to share press releases, multimedia, advisories, and feature stories related to higher education with media contacts nationwide.  

Simply referencing a college or university in a press release doesn’t necessarily mean distribution via this specialty circuit is optimal. Here is more information about Business Wire’s Colleges and Universities distribution list. 

Who receives releases shared using this targeted list? 

Business Wire’s Colleges and Universities circuit sends press releases directly to media contacts at colleges, universities, key higher education trade publications, student-run newspapers, and student-oriented websites. 

On a college campus, a student-run newspaper may be the main source of information for the school. Pilar Portela, Business Wire’s US Media Relations Manager noted that each school runs its student publications differently. “Some have heavy involvement from faculty while others are more independently run by students. A release sent via the Colleges and Universities distribution list is sent directly to the student editors and faculty involved with on-campus media.” 

What content is best for Business Wire’s Colleges and Universities circuit? 

  • Scholarships/Funding: From nonprofits to large corporations, employers may offer ways for their employees and customers to save money on college tuition. Scholarship announcements can be sent via the Colleges and Universities distribution list to share this type of information. 

       See an example

  • Athletics: When the NCAA rolled out its Name Image Likeness (NIL) guidelines, there was an influx of news about the latest endorsements. NIL is a topic that continues to evolve, creating plenty of newsworthy content. 

       See an example

  • University Updates and Grants: Companies and universities often work together, whether it be to build a new library or in support of DEI initiatives. News about these developments can generate positive PR and pave the way for future partnerships. 

       See an example

  • Research: Releases about sponsored research efforts that pertain to student-run groups or issues that impact college campuses are important to share and are topics that student media are likely to cover.

       See an example

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No matter the topic of your news, Business Wire is here to ensure your press releases are shared via the best distribution lists for your announcements, helping you get the results you need. 

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