For almost 60 years, Business Wire has been distributing corporate and organizational news to journalists, analysts and consumers.

Why? Why do companies choose a service like Business Wire to promote their news content? There are seven core reasons organizations use newswires like Business Wire to distribute their breaking news content:

  1. Trust
  2. Reach
  3. Visibility
  4. Innovation
  5. Disclosure
  6. Public Demand
  7. Longevity

In this piece we are going to talk about the role of longevity in the news industry.

Longevity is like visibility and public demand — all three rely on technology such as search engines. But longevity is a very specific newswire benefit that speaks directly to maintaining your business and brand

As your organization grows, so will your story. One sure way to maintain the visibility of your organization is to also ensure longevity. The online archiving of news releases by newswires ensures that news can easily be discovered by interested parties by searching company names, ticker symbols or key phrases. Such archiving of information guarantees that news is visible and available for reference long after its initial release. Business Wire’s distribution incudes full-text posting to thousands of websites and financial databases that archive news over a long period of time, increasing the discoverability of issuers’ news to researchers.

Your business story was meant to be told and retold. The longevity of a newswire allows for just this. Whether someone is researching a potential M&A, a stock price or a historical product line, the longevity provided by newswires solidifies your place in your industry.

Longevity also serves as a history of your company’s development. Whether you have new products and services, announce management changes, state your position on certain legislation or highlight your community involvement or all the above you're establishing a history and credibility that rounds out your organization.

When asking yourself how to launch your next story, consider not just the immediate goals you need to meet, but the long-term impacts of this information on your organization and industry. A single news release may be focused on one event, statement or action, but that singular act is part of your overall brand narrative and tapestry.

When it comes to selecting a newswire partner that tells your full story, we encourage you to leverage the trust Business Wire brings to your news within media, financial, consumer and online audiences.

Distribution services are not born overnight. Trust takes decades to build. Business Wire’s dedication to building trusted media relationships, proven usage and ongoing reach makes us a necessary part of today’s overall communications process.

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Sharing Your News: 7 Reasons to Work with a Newswire

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