For nearly 60 years, Business Wire has been an integral player in the newswire space. Our unique position between media and organizations has provided us an insider look at industry’s needs and challenges, providing an opportunity to build innovative delivery services with ease-of-use and ROI in mind.

There are seven core reasons organizations use newswires like Business Wire to distribute their breaking news content:

  1. Trust
  2. Reach
  3. Visibility
  4. Innovation
  5. Disclosure
  6. Public Demand
  7. Longevity

In this piece we will discuss the role of newswire-led innovation in the news process.

More and more consumers, journalists and professional investors are using subscription, mobile, search and social technology to search for and discover corporate and organizational news. Business Wire utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure that every press release is available to these audiences on all applicable media. Whether they are subscribers to AP, reading Flipboard, using Google News’ mobile app or platforms like Twitter, it is now easier than ever to find news releases regardless of the device or technology being used.

Business Wire completes the circle by providing measurement reports with every release, which allows for tracking news and audience engagement. This enables the issuer to analyze the success and impact of each release or campaign and adjust when and if necessary.

All of this is made possible by Business Wire’s patented NX news platform – a two-way, Internet-based, closed news feed that enables news to be distributed faster, simultaneously and pinpointed to the specific minute desired. Among its advanced features is the ability to include special formatting and links, making the press release easier to find, navigate, process and act upon.

Organizations use newswires like Business Wire to launch their news release to the world. Reporters utilize Business Wire newsfeeds to find breaking news to write and publish in real-time. To increase the impact of corporate storytelling, while providing reporters instant access to news-friendly multimedia, Business Wire offers a suite of legacy and interactive multimedia products that reporters can use instantly.  

  • Business Wire logo service: Every news release is an opportunity to extend your brand within your key markets, while providing reporters and analysts an easy visual reference when looking at their news feeds.
  • Business Wire’s Smart News Release service allows organizations to include images, photos, GIF files, PPT and other supporting content to their news releases. We convert content into all usable formats, downloadable with a single click.
  • Business Wire Interactive Media turns disparate multimedia content pieces into a single, interactive customer-first experience. For reporters interested in increasing time on site, this provides a new type of audience-first media content.

Business Wire’s audience-first line of services allows organizations to get their visual and textual story into the hands of reporters, financial audiences and consumers for immediate use. When it comes to innovation, newswires that focus on their audience news consumers  provide the strongest capabilities when it comes to news usage, consumption and adoption.

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