For the past 60 years, Business Wire has played an integral part of the news distribution process. We maintain relationships with reporters and algorithms, always focused on providing opportunities for media and customers alike. But for companies that have never used a newswire, we are often asked why newswires are part of the PR ecosystem and what sets Business Wire apart in this space.

In this series, we are delving into the seven core reasons organizations use newswires like Business Wire to distribute their breaking news content: 

  1. Trust
  2. Reach
  3. Visibility
  4. Innovation
  5. Disclosure
  6. Public Demand
  7. Longevity

In this piece we will discuss the role of visibility.

Every day companies spend significant dollars creating a broad array of content designed to establish credibility among, and deliver key messaging to, their constituencies. In each case, the success of these programs is tied directly to their visibility. The more promotion content receives, the more likely it is that the target audience will see and act upon it. Rather than simply promoting the content via owned channels or social advertising and platforms, which can limit visibility, utilizing a reputable newswire can enhance visibility, coverage and engagement and drive the traffic needed to make the program achieve its objectives.

Newswires provide visibility in a variety of ways. Within media outlets, it is about being easily found by relevant reporters, on the platforms they use to discover news. Our clients’ news releases and multimedia content are provided to media outlets and reporters simultaneously and in a variety of ways, increasing the opportunity for discovery and access. Clients who utilize our free logo service enjoy visual branding along with their reach. Even if their news release is not opened, their logo and brand has been seen, raising mindshare within intended audiences. This type of visibility is why audiences choose newswires to supplement their news release reach.

With Business Wire distribution, news is disseminated across major global platforms including AP, AFP, Bloomberg, Reuters and Yahoo! Finance, and Multimedia content, which directly increases open rates and release visibility, is delivered within your news release, as well as directly into media-first news systems. News releases and accompanying multimedia images are easy to access in search engines, providing instant access to your news across news, financial and consumer-facing systems.

Another big benefit of visibility is secondary actions that come with it. Business Wire expands your visibility options by providing built in social media prompts, sharing icons and social feeds to provide readers a more holistic view of how your news is translating on social channels. These features also provide you the opportunity to advocate on your own behalf and drive content sharing with a single click.

Our clients' news releases contain interactive hyperlinks that drive interested readers directly to your identified landing pages. We give your news release visibility. Visibility leads to user activity and engagement. This engagement is tracked, and the data provided back to issuing organizations.

When it comes to launching your news program, the wider your reach, the higher your potential results. When it comes to higher reach, across all channels, communicators rely on Business Wire for visibility.

Sharing Your News: 7 Reasons to Work with a Newswire

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