Not only is sharing your organization’s news important, but thoughtfully writing your release and formatting your information can help draw media and consumer interest.

As you draft your next press release, here’s a quick refresher on details to include.

  • Headline: A powerful, concise headline utilizing strong verbs should share key information.
  • Multimedia: Imagery helps show the impact of your news on your audience.
  • Body Text: Your news should be easy to comprehend. Formatting elements like bold or italic text, bulleted lists, embedded hyperlinks, and tables can be used to emphasize specific points and keep readers engaged.
  • Contact Information: Including contact information for your organization makes it easy for people to connect with you.

We looked back at releases distributed by Business Wire over the last three months, and below are a few examples of releases utilizing several features designed to optimize these organizations' announcements.

New Promega Chemistry Tidepool

New Promega Chemistry Will Enable Forensic DNA Labs to Solve More Challenging Cold Cases, Sexual Assault Cases

  • Note the placement of this organization’s logo next to their release. Company logos also appear in Business Wire’s news feed, visible to viewers before they open your release.
  • Subheadings throughout this news release help break up the text.
  • Find out more about Business Wire’s Interactive Media and how it can bring your announcements to life.

Tidepool Announces FDA Clearance of Tidepool Loop

  • Adding an image to their release helps Tidepool show their news. Don’t forget to add captions!
  • Tidepool’s most recent tweets are on display next to their release.
  • Below that, they’ve included links to their corporate social media profiles, making it easy for readers to learn more and follow their accounts.
IHOP Southern Glazer

IHOP® Is Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® in Celebration of Its 65th Year

  • A pull quote highlights IHOP's message and the “Tweet this” feature encourages readers to tweet the release with the click of a button.
  • Adding a bulleted list with bold copy guides readers’ eyes down the page. Learn more tips for formatting your news releases for optimal engagement from award-winning writing coach Ann Wylie.

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Launches Incubator Academy Education Program for Diverse- and Women-Owned Brands

  • Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits included their company information under the logo, providing at-a-glance details for viewers.
  • The Release Summary highlights the key message of Southern Glazer’s announcement.
Universal Hydrogen CARFAX

Universal Hydrogen Successfully Completes First Flight of Hydrogen Regional Airliner

  • Embedded links work as a tool to call out specific text and also drive traffic to Universal Hydrogen’s website.
  • More News displays Universal Hydrogen’s latest press releases distributed by Business Wire.

CARFAX Canada Launches History-Based Value

  • CARFAX distributed this release in English and French. Translated versions are listed and clickable under Release Versions.
  • When more than one multimedia element is included, a carousel appears, displaying all assets for viewers to click through and download.
Garmin Cepton

Garmin expands its Approach® with a new lineup of GPS devices to help golfers improve their game

  • Public companies can include their exchange and ticker symbols to extend the reach of their news.
  • Garmin utilized embedded links, bold text, bulleted lists, and subheadings to organize their announcement.

Cepton Unveils World’s Slimmest, Software Definable Top-end Lidar, the Vista®-X120 Plus

  • Instead of adding a still photo, Cepton added a video to their press release.
  • The company also included relevant hashtags and their cashtag.
Cyngn The Walt Disney Company

Cyngn Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results

  • Cyngyn bulleted their text and added subheadings to organize their fourth quarter financial results.
  • Information for their investor conference call is also included.

The Walt Disney Company Reports First Quarter Earnings for Fiscal 2023

  • Financial tables (including tables with shading) retain their formatting when distributed by Business Wire.
  • Last but not least, as all of these releases have, don’t forget your contact information!

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