Whether announcing a new product, service, or distributing quarterly financials, your goal is to maximize the reach of your news and engagement among viewers.

We’re here to support that. Business Wire's push technology places your news release in front of thousands of journalists, databases, search engines, and social channels. We help build brand awareness across your target audiences.

Our five-step process combines your news with our strengths, helping turn your releases into news stories.

Step 1: Create Your Content

What are you telling your audiences? To create an announcement your audience wants to read, write it for them. The focus of your press release should be the impact your news has on your readers.

While writing your release, remember to include an informative yet succinct headline, followed by a strong first paragraph, relevant data, and quotes that emphasize the main takeaways.

Next, select a visual component that showcases the story you’re telling. Multimedia is the number one way to attract viewers – a visual element helps you stand out! Photos, videos, audio, GIFs, graphics, PDFs, and other visuals drive message comprehension in ways text simply cannot.

Step 2: Select Your Audience

Who needs to see your news? Together, our job is to put your news in front of your target audience.

With 1,600 geographic distribution options worldwide, Business Wire makes it easy to send your news to any combination of cities, states, regions, or countries. Once geographic markets are selected, we offer a wide range of industry publications, demographic audience options, and specialty circuits including Public Policy Wire, Corporate Social Responsibility, VentureBeat, and more. 


Step 3: Business Wire’s Editorial Preparation

How does Business Wire process your news? Once we receive your news, our experienced editors provide an additional review as they prepare it for distribution. They ensure formatting and hyperlinks – as well as other elements like tables – are retained and display across multiple news platforms and devices. 

If needed for international distribution, Business Wire arranges for professional translation so that your news is distributed in the language most accepted by that country’s media. 

We always give you the option to review and approve your release and media before distribution.

Step 4: We Deliver Your News 

What does news delivery entail? When trying to reach reporters, there are many avenues, ranging from Twitter pitches to sending emails. In addition to those methods, to make your news as visible as possible, a newswire is key.

Business Wire is a trusted news source for small and large media alike. We provide a layer of protection between journalists and fake news. We have our own patented delivery channel, NX, that shares formatted HTML (not ASCII text) releases directly into news systems globally.

Once our editorial team has prepared your announcement, we deliver it to media, social media, consumers, and search engines. We put your press release in front of your audience, allowing your headline and media to shine.

Step 5: Measure & Refine 

What type of analytics are available? Once published, it’s time to start monitoring results. Business Wire’s NewsTrak Report provide a snapshot of audience views, user engagement, and more. Use this data to test and make modifications to your next release. 


Combining your news with Business Wire’s exceptional newswire network is a simple equation. The results? Broad reach for your news, delivery to media outlets, trade and industry categories, bloggers and influencers, and availability in search. 

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