Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner! Also commonly referred to as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year in China, this year’s celebration of the Year of the Ox begins February 12, 2021, and lasts through February 22, 2021. In Chinese culture, the ox is considered industrious and methodical. Consequently, the Year of the Ox is a time when hard work will be rewarded.

Although the Chinese zodiac signs are widely marketed as synonymous with CNY, the holiday evokes so much more. It is about sitting round the table with family, sharing food and laughter. It is a time of giving, when older family members give younger family members hongbao. It is when families gather to share their hope for good things to come. Tapping into these emotions can be a great way for businesses and communication teams to connect with the Asia Pacific region and those who comprise Overseas Chinese communities.

Within China, millions travel home during this time to celebrate with their families. For many, it’s the only time of year they get to see their loved ones. In the past few years, more marketing campaigns have recognized the importance of this, such as Coca Cola’s 2013 campaign and McDonald’s 2016 “You are my CNY.” These campaigns were successful because they were able to capture the heartwarming components of the holiday.

4 perfect tips for capturing journalist and reader attention during Chinese New Year:

  • Communicating a message that strikes a chord with your audience will maximize its impact. Tapping into the spirit of CNY is a great way to create a powerful message that speaks to your audience. Do your homework, delve into the concept of the Year of the Ox and capture emotions tied to family, hope and togetherness. Write a headline that will catch the attention of your readers and stand out to reporters.
  • Opt for a Smart News Release. Add compelling visuals and create video content to bolster the message you want to convey. This will mean thinking beyond the typical animal zodiac imagery associated with the Year of the Ox. CNY is a time of authenticity. Creating a live video to capture the moment will speak volumes. Think of creative ideas, like filming corporate bake-offs of traditional Chinese foods in the office. Don’t forget to feature decorations in auspicious colors like red and gold.
  • Showcase your staff or company culture. People like to do business with businesses that they like and trust. How is your business celebrating CNY? This is the perfect time to highlight your Corporate Social Responsibility, including activities that resonate with the Chinese community, like visiting the elderly at retirement homes with gifts and food.
  • Recognize the holiday effort. Let’s face it, preparing for the holidays can be stressful. Think of how your content can help ease these strains. The weeklong celebration of CNY and all the days that lead up to it is a lot of work. The house needs to be cleaned and decorated, new clothes and gifts for family members need to be purchased, food needs to be prepared and travel needs to be organized. Your customers will appreciate content that will make prepping for the holidays a breeze. Help consumers by providing tutorials, guides and content that focus on themes of CNY.
  • Bonus! If you are in the plant or flower business, think about promoting plants that are imbued with a lucky symbolic meaning in Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year is as important to consumers in and from the Asia Pacific region as Christmas is to Western consumers. CNY is a time of heightened anticipated spending; during the weeklong celebration in 2019, retail and catering revenues reached 146 billion USD. The opportunity for businesses to tap into the revenue generated by the holiday while creating brand awareness is greatly increased by connecting with consumers on an emotional level. Brands that choose to be authentic, take the time to research and understand their audience have the most to gain during Chinese New Year. After all, some campaigns have missed the mark with Chinese consumers.

Use our tips to create and showcase an authentic story that will touch your audience. Once you’ve found your angle, share your message with us by selecting an international circuit to distribute your news effortlessly and our Asian American media list to reach your target audience.

Wishing you a Happy Year of the Ox from Business Wire!

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