It’s that time of year: the winter holiday news season is here. Historically, here at Business Wire, as fall becomes winter, we see an increase in companies issuing news about new products, gift ideas, and end-of-the-year data.

As companies and organizations look to set themselves apart in what is sure to be a very different sort of holiday period this year, one timely angle is the effect the pandemic and other breaking news have had on businesses.

Many organizations had to make practical changes in 2020 to help their businesses function and, in doing so, they made changes to ensure that their organizations foster a positive culture for their employees and to support their communities throughout this challenging year.

From employee and community support to charitable programs, celebrate your company’s accomplishments over the past year and incorporate your social impact into the holiday news cycle. Explain how the shift in business model has changed the organization and its goals, and show that your organization, in addition to promoting products and services, continues to improve your community.

Consider Your Consumers

According to a Nielson survey, people are actively looking for companies that are making a positive impact. When researching companies, consumers are reading up on sustainability efforts and charitable programs. Highlighting your organization’s work in socially responsible areas will help set your brand apart and show that your company’s values align with your consumers’ values.

Showcase Your Corporate Culture

The past nine months have been an incredibly high-stress time. Explain what your organization has done to make sure your corporate culture fosters employee health and growth. This practice offers positive downstream effects, as a good corporate social responsibility strategy and a positive corporate culture can help companies attract top talent with similar core values. Some news angles to consider: Do you have a program that gives back to employees? Have you perhaps begun diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives? Look back at what changes you’ve incorporated and let your audiences know.

Account for Charitable Contributions

In addition to providing help to individuals, the CARES ACT helped many U.S. businesses alleviate the economic strain the pandemic has caused. If your company was able to use these benefits, showcase what you did to maximize the funds you received. This stimulus bill also allows individuals to write off up to $300 in charitable donations when they file their 2020 tax returns. Do you have plans to encourage employee support of charitable causes, and are you able to match their donations? How else are your employees promoting the company’s values within their local communities (e.g. clean-ups, food drives, tutoring services)?

Maximize Your Good News

Business Wire offers several options to help you get the word out about your company’s positive social impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility Circuit: Based on the concept that “Good corporate citizenship is good business,” this distribution is specifically designed to get your news directly to media concerned with business ethics, the environment, community development, philanthropy, corporate governance, human rights and diversity. This focused coverage will allow you to showcase your CSR efforts efficiently and effectively.

Targeted Demographics: Targeted Circuits, like African American media, LatinoWire, and Native American media, provide focused reach into specific communities.

With all the difficult times we’ve faced this year, show that you care about your business, your employees, and your impact on your communities. Celebrate your brand by highlighting the people and teams, products and services, and social impact efforts that contributed to your resilience and laid the foundation for the coming year.

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