The reader experience dominated our popular blog posts for the second quarter of 2021. Insights and takeaways featured industry experts, a deep dive into how the pandemic affected the journalism industry, and tips on enhancing your press releases.

Business Wire’s top 10 most widely read and shared blog posts for Q2 2021 are featured here. 

Best Practices for Presenting Quotes in Press Releases The most popular Business Wire blog of the quarter features the solid advice of writing coach Ann Wylie, who advises that quotes within press releases should sound more human and less machine-generated to truly extend a story and resonate stronger with readers.

A Must Read for PR Pros: 7 Journalists Share Pros and Cons to Using Clubhouse Clubhouse, the audio chat app that has gained popularity throughout the pandemic, offers a unique way for media and PR professionals to make connections through listening, learning and sharing ideas. Media relations specialist Jeanne Prisyazhnaya asked seven journalists how they use the audio chat app, and discusses ways PR professionals can use these insights to enhance their storytelling and outreach efforts.

Journalist Pet Peeves in 2021 – Similar to the Past, but Amplified – Insights From Business Wire’s 2020 Media Survey As part of our 2020 Media Survey, we asked journalists, “What are your pet peeves when receiving story pitches?” Business Wire’s Director of Global Media Relations, Matt Allinson, shares the responses in this blog post, and offers advice on how to research, craft and send your media pitches to make their jobs – and yours – easier.

9 Ways to Increase Media Relations Results in a Post-Pandemic World With insights gleaned from our panel discussion with Muck Rack, this blog post by Business Wire’s Director of Product Marketing, Serena Ehrlich, features nine audience-first, culturally relevant approaches to pivoting your media relations strategy and cultivating media interest amid dwindling news outlets.

The Challenges of the Modern Journalist – Insights from Business Wire’s 2020 Media Survey As today’s journalists work around the clock to feed the busy news cycle, how are they facing the challenges in their own industry? In this piece, media relations specialist Raisa Acloque looks at responses to our 2020 Media Survey and explores sentiments and trends of modern journalism related to trust, job instability, the coronavirus pandemic, digital channels, and expanding news deserts.

5 Considerations When Translating Your Press Release Translations are key components of a successful multilingual public relations strategy. This blog post by newsroom editor Serena Hillery explains how and why communicators should devote time and effort when translating press releases, and increase message understanding and engagement among diverse audiences.

9 Enhancements to Improve Your Business Wire Press Release Reader Experience A good reader experience increases the likeliness of message adoption. This blog post by Business Wire’s Director of Product Marketing, Serena Ehrlich, details the many (and free!) features that make it easy for audiences to interact and use your news. Get reporters to contact you and entice excited readers to help share your announcement while you increase your social network traction.

What Journalists Want to See in Your Press Release – Insights From Business Wire’s 2020 Media Survey Journalists do look at an organization’s press release when researching and vetting a company, according to the results of our 2020 Media Survey. This blog post by Business Wire’s U.S. Media Relations Manager, Pilar Porteladetails which engaging press release elements journalists consider important: multimedia, contact information and company details.

Keeping it Real: Using PR to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation Newsroom editor Allison Gray highlights five expert insights to help PR teams manage and maintain their brands’ reputations against disinformation and misinformation. This blog post recaps our webinar with industry experts Jim O’Leary, Global Practice Chair, Corporate Affairs and Advisory Services with Edelman; Lisa Seidenberg, Vice President of Media Relations with Greentarget; and Michael Estevez, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Public Affairs and Crisis Communications with BCW.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Journalism Industry – What Business Wire’s 2020 Media Survey Revealed The pandemic had a large impact on the journalism industry. This blog post analyzes journalists’ sentiments on the specific effects of working from home, reporting on the pandemic, and a busy news cycle.

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