In the third quarter of 2021, corporate social responsibility (CSR), investor relations, the Hispanic market in the U.S., and government and policy communications were the blog topics that resonated most with communications readers.

As you will find, each of the pieces below provides both strategic guidance and tactical steps teams of any size can implement.

With Great Power Comes Great Corporate Social Responsibility The need for ESG- and CSR-focused news continues to rise as more consumers expect the brands and companies they frequent to be more socially responsible. Taking the right approach to communicate these efforts requires careful consideration. This blog post by newsroom editor Allison Gray explains how Business Wire’s CSR Circuit reaches highly interested audiences who want to read and act upon news specific to corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and corporate governance.

Performance Rules, but Perception is Everything: How to Know What Investors Truly Think About Your Company Investors may not always be upfront about how they view a public company, its strategy, management team, and overall investor relations program. Conducting a third-party perception study is one way to uncover these deeper, more candid – and sometimes tough – insights, advises Jeff Misakian of PondelWilkinson in this guest blog post. Armed with this knowledge, management teams and boards of any public company can ensure their IR programs stay aligned with investor expectations and company goals.

Hispanic Heritage Month: What the U.S. Census Report Confirms About the Latinx Population and What it Means to Today’s Communicators Data from the 2020 Census Report provides actionable insights for communicators to tap into the Hispanic population in the U.S. Covering buying power, media consumption habits, political influence, and more, this blog post by Business Wire’s U.S. Media Relations Manager, Pilar Portela provides six communications and marketing insights for PR pros to build sustainable outreach strategies to reach and connect with Hispanic American audiences.

Strategy is the Best Policy: Building a Successful Government Relations Program Your organization’s political voice matters. The best way for organizations to gain attention and action around important issues-focused news is by building an effective government relations program that alerts end audiences to the policies and legislation impacting their business. In this blog post by media relations specialist Raisa Acloque, find out five public policy strategies to reach government officials, Congressional committees, and the reporters who cover them, and learn more about Business Wire's Public Policy Wire distribution.

The Third Quarter is a “Tell”: Seven Key Considerations for Quarterly Reporting 
For public companies reporting on the January-to-December fiscal year, third quarter earnings can be indicative of year-end results. In this guest blog post by Mary T. Conway of Conway Communications, she discusses seven considerations to help companies prepare for and report third quarter earnings by maintaining focus on performance, strategic positioning, and confidence in the future outlook.

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