One recurring question we receive is whether news releases are useful in search engine visibility and link building strategies. The short answer is yes – and no.

As part of our commitment to provide wide reach for and on-demand access to our clients’ news announcements, every Business Wire-issued news release is placed on hundreds of different websites and search engines.  These placements make it easy for people to find your news release at the exact moment they are looking for your kind of information.

But what is important for communicators to understand is that this kind of placement – a single piece of content (i.e. the news release) across so many websites – is categorized by Google as duplicate content. Duplicate content is not bad, but it is not the same as original content. Original content is content written by a single source for a single publication or website. Any time this same content will be placed elsewhere, Google requires the publisher, such as Business Wire, to add a particular tag called <no follow> to any included URLs. When this tag is not included, the issuing company risks penalties by Google that impact their website’s visibility in search engines. 

To protect our clients from possible duplicate content penalties by Google, Business Wire follows industry protocols and adds <no follow> tags to any included hyperlink within the news release. This code allows us to place your news across the web and tells Google you are not using this content piece for link building purposes.

News releases are not link building tools, but they do appear high in search engines when your audience is looking for your news.

Business Wire is a well-known news distribution company. Our news platform is trusted by investors, reporters, influencers, customers, and search engines. Your news release benefits from our deep and trusted relationships: It appears at the top of search engines when users search for terms found in the first 5-7 words in your headline. When you want your announcement to be found in search engines, Business Wire is here to help.

 Here are our top 3 steps for increasing visibility in search engines:

  1. Write a complete headline that grabs the reader’s attention – put your most valuable information at the front of the headline, to maximize impact.
  2. Use keyword tools like Google Trends to increase headline relevancy.
  3. Add multimedia to your news release to increase search visibility of your image across core, news and image search. (Note: Name each multimedia file with searchable terms to receive this benefit.)

To learn more about SEO, link building, and how to write a headline that reporters and search engines love, here are a three great resources for your files:

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