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Last month in honor of Black History Month we co-hosted “The Art of Marketing” webinar with our media partner Black PR Wire. Panelists from various marketing industries shared their best practices and how they have used the art of marketing to build successful brands.

The webinar, moderated by Joseph Ellick, Jr., Newsroom Manager & Senior Editor at Black PR Wire, featured the following panelists:

  • J.D. Craigman, Creative Director & Marketing Specialist, Intravate Consultants
  • Michelle Huff Elliott, Co-Founder, Strategic Heights Media
  • Xilla Valentine, Owner, BlogXillaTV

Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

JD Craigman J.D. Craigman, Creative Director & Marketing Specialist, Intravate Consultants
  • Welcome emails have great potential. The average email open rate is typically 21% but when you include a welcome email it goes up to 82%.
  • Adding videos to your emails can increase your click rate by 300%.
  • Something to keep in mind is 49% of all emails are opened on a mobile device.
  • Favorite digital tools are Drip Automation for email creation, MailChimp for email subscribers, and Xapier and Asana.
Michelle Huff Elliott Michelle Huff Elliott, Co-Founder, Strategic Heights Media
  • Discussed the differences between Traditional Marketing (Direct mail, TV, Networking, Product Samples, Cold Calling, Exhibitions/ Conferences, and Faxing) and Digital Marketing (Content Marketing, Website, Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, PPC & SEM Marketing, and Social Media Marketing).
  • For many small businesses that are trying to make a mark on a tight budget, digital marketing can be a good option. It’s less expensive and less risk.
  • Favorite digital tools are MailChimp and Asana. Asana is great for task and project management. 
Xilla Valentine Xilla Valentine, Owner, BlogXillaTV
  • Shared his practice of creating, finding, and being yourself. Authenticity is key and find ways to become an asset.
  • When it comes to building better relationships: Be Direct, Be Honest, and Over Deliver.
  • Favorite digital tools are SparkCam and Spark Post for content creation.

Want to hear more? The full recording of the webinar is available on demand at https://services.businesswire.com/resources-education/the-art-of-marketing.

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