In our recent webinar geared towards biotech and healthcare companies, Business Wire and Onclusive partnered to analyze distributed news releases and identified best practices for increasing news reach and impact. Here, we share a summary of our discussion.

5 ways to improve press release impact:

  1. Timing is everything: One of the fastest ways to increase the visibility of a press release is to distribute it during times reporters are looking for news, while avoiding popular distribution times. Mondays – Thursdays from 6 AM – 8 AM ET are the most popular time to issue news, pre-market and post-market are popular for public company news. To stand out from that pack, consider issuing news outside that window. This gives reporters enough time to access your content and allows spokespersons to capture the full story.
  2. Use the right spokesperson: Surprisingly enough, the best spokesperson for your company may not be an employee. For biotech and healthcare news, consider including independent people who can add credibility to your information. Patients' voices are often a valuable addition to your spokesperson arsenal.
  3. Build and leverage relationships: Media relations is about building relationships with the reporters and influencers that impact your news visibility. For the health and biotech industries, relationship building extends to legal, medical, and regulatory reviewers who can help progress your news through the necessary review cycles.
  4. Break out from the crowd: The reality is, every health and biotech company has an audience, but being heard by them can be hard. Consider how you present your information and think of new ways to present your data. Use multimedia to clarify complicated stories and to humanize your news for your audiences.
  5. Be realistic: Even in the best of times, it is hard to catch media and consumer attention. Consider each news release as one of many in your story – use the measurement and reporting data provided by your news distribution partner and make modifications that will help increase the impact of your next release. From release times to distribution circuits to headline style, make minor changes throughout the year to garner bigger impacts.

While coverage or engagement is never guaranteed, follow the five above steps to start to test changes – and see which small adjustments led to big results.

Learn more.

Read the full conversation, Biotech and Healthcare News: Five ways to inject impact into your press releases, or view the webinar recording at this link.

Have questions on how to distribute a healthcare or biotech release? Let us know! We’re the industry leader for this market and we are here to help.

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