Business Wire Partners with The Boston Globe for an All-Access Discussion

June 2, 2009


Business Wire Boston hosted an exclusive luncheon event at The Boston Globe‘s headquarters May 21. The sold-out event featured speakers from a range of Globe departments including digital media, advertising and business reporting, drawing in more than 100 media relations professionals from across New England.

The event, “The Boston Globe and the Changing Media Landscape: An Inside Look at the Move from Print to Digital,” offered an overview of how The Globe, owned by The New York Times Company, is adapting to new business models in communication and incorporating new media techniques in reporting and advertising.

»A full recording of the discussion is available.

The panelists (all with The Boston Globe, left to right):

  • Shirley Leung, Assistant Managing Editor of Business News
  • Sam Martin, Chief Advertising Officer
  • Susan Hunt Stevens, Senior Vice President for Digital
  • David Beard, Editor of

Jack Jackson, President of PRSA in Boston and principal of On-Message PR, moderated the discussion.

Topics discussed included valuing media coverage in the print edition of The Globe versus (the paper’s companion site), new revenue streams for the organization and how the paper went from zero to 35,000 Twitter followers in less than four months.

A video recording of the event, “The Boston Globe and the Changing Media Landscape,” can be found here:

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