Press Clipping Still Important For Measuring Press Release Success

October 23, 2008

Andrew Analore posted an excellent piece on this week about press clipping.

I’ve been an information specialist at Business Wire for a very long time and I still feel like it’s an uphill battle to convince clients of many of these same points.   You do need to use more than one service for monitoring,  pay special attention to the most important publications in your industry, and plan a multi-modal clipping strategy in which attention paid to a single press release is just one facet of measurement.

Business Wire’s NewsTrak Clips is one way to help monitor publications on the web (and, contrary to what Analore asserts, is not “new” technology anymore).  Good supplements to the service include LexisNexis or Factiva searches,  local print clipping shops, reading your key publications individually, taking advantage of free alerts on the Web or any combination of methods.

Press clipping, done right, will establish a benchmark for measuring press release performance.  Unless you know how much and what kind of media coverage you normally receive, you can’t answer the question of how it’s affected by your publicity efforts.

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-Sandy Malloy, Senior Information Specialist, Business Wire


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