Business Wire PR Peeps Poll: News Release or Press Release?

July 1, 2009

News release or press release?  Results are in for this month’s Business Wire PR Peeps Poll:  56% of 370 polled preferred “press release” while 44% chose “news release.”

Discussion has surfaced lately regarding the preferred usage of these two seemingly interchangeable phrases.  “Press” release has history on its side, with its tenure as one of the most basic public relations tools on the planet–not to mention being written into the constitution as freedom of the “press.”    Also, don’t forget that the press release celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, with nostalgic tributes to Ivy Lee, PT Barnum and others.

As for “news release,” an implied superiority abounds for its usage–as if “the press” in the age of user generated content is an institution to be dismissed.


Funny that we at Business Wire for years adamantly touted ourselves as a “news release wire service” but when we started to do search engine marketing noted that “press release” is searched ten times more frequently, on average, than the the phrase “news release.”  Now we are as likely to use press release as news release in marketing, presentations and elsewhere.

Old habits die hard, I suppose. Even those who propose to “reinvent” the already interactive press release of today as the “social media press release” seem to prefer “press” to “news.”  Would love to hear what psychologists, linguists and behavioral marketers think about what all this means.

Here’s the details from our 370 respondents, culled from Twitter and our weekly webinar polls.

Business Wire PR Peeps Poll for June 2009: News Release or Press Release, which do you choose?

  • 163 preferred news release-44.05%
  • 207 preferred press release-55.95%

To those who participated, thanks for taking the poll.  How about helping with the Business Wire PR Peeps July poll? Advertising Equivalencies — do you or have you used them to justify PR efforts?

370 respondents via Twitter and Business Wire webinar polls.  Poll conducted  June 1 – 30, 2009.

We Are Pleased to Focus on this Unique, Innovative Tool

April 8, 2009

We’re obviously big at Business Wire on offering advice for writing a good press releaseSearch Engine Optimization is an important part of that, but so is simply writing concisely and clearly — avoiding jargon, placeholder phrases, filler and other stuff that creates clutter and keeps people from understanding (or just getting through) your news.

Now, HubSpot has a new tool that can help you avoid gobbledygook phrases.  Their online Gobbledygook Grader will analyze your content — press releases, brochure copy, and anything else — and help you avoid the clutter.  Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, who helped develop the tool, analyzed more than 700,000 press releases that ran over Business Wire and other sources in 2008; his top five, and the number of times they appeared:

  1. Innovate       51,390
  2. Pleased to     48,672
  3. Unique            48,095
  4. Focused on    40,964
  5. Leading provider   33,101

Sounds like words that might be hard to avoid, but give it a try — your press releases can only get better.


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