Business Wire & NAPS Team for Enhanced Feature News Distribution

January 19, 2009

naps-gold-logoBusiness Wire is bolstering our industry-leading feature wire service! We’re combining our exceptional online distribution network with the reputation of longtime leading mat release distribution provider NAPS to offer the best service possible.

Mat releases have become increasingly popular in recent years because they are written in a special editorial format and provide camera-ready artwork that newspapers and special interest magazines can print with very little editing. Business Wire and NAPS will send lifestyle stories such as consumer interest, health, food, home and holiday to more than 11,000 media outlets.

Our partnership with NAPS will guarantee clients a minimum of 100 placements for each article. This unique service is intended to allow members to share their feature news with a widespread audience, but also to add value by assuring placement.

To learn more about our partnership with NAPS and to view upcoming subjects for our Feature Topic Series, please visit


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