Phoenix-Area Media Pros Offer Perspectives on Social Media at Business Wire Event

March 25, 2010

Business Wire/Phoenix recently hosted an event with a panel of local print and broadcast media professionals, on how social media and online search have affected news reporting.  Moderated by our own Malcolm Atherton, the event was attended by — among many others! — Linda VandeVrede of Valley PR Blog, a group blog covering PR, marketing and social media topics in the Phoenix area.  Check out Linda’s writeup on the event, with insight from all of the panelists.

Don’t forget to look for Business Wire events in your own area, as well as register for our free webinars on PR, IR, SEO, monitoring and more.

Press Release Battle Groups: Lessons Learned from the USS Midway

November 9, 2009

The PRSA’s International Conference held its opening ceremonies on the deck of the USS Midway last night.

From 1945 to 1992, the USS Midway patrolled the world’s oceans with an entourage of support vessels. Destroyers, submarines, shipsanti-aircraft & anti-sub ships, tankers, and supply ships were all part of a battle group designed to support the success and well-being of the Midway and her crew.

In today’s PR world, social media is an unavoidable reality. But it must be viewed as one of many tools that work in concert to satisfy an overall communications plan.

Imagine a press release playing the part of the USS Midway. The Midway has gone through many overhauls to bring it up to speed with emerging technology and to satisfy the demands of modern warfare.

Press releases have also evolved (they are NOT dead, contrary to the beliefs of many). They have moved away from being plain-jane text documents and have literally become mini-web pages that can, with creative and audience appropriate formatting & layouts, provide readers with a visual & interactive entity designed to satisfy the needs of modern information consumption..

As the “carrier” of content, the press release alone is a powerful tool. But in today’s ever changing communications world it is not enough.

Enter the press release battle group – Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc. All have vital roles to play in today’s b2b and b2c corporate communications environment. They support the success & well-being of the release by expanding the reach, stickiness, and visibility of the content.

As formidable as they are, aircraft carriers need their battle group to maximize their full potential. Social media offers up similar support for the press release.

What do you think?

-Malcolm Atherton, Account Executive/New Media Specialist, Business Wire Phoenix

Follow Malcolm at PRSA 09 on Twitter: @businesswire

Value – Public Relations Style

November 6, 2009

It’s fitting given the economic mess of 2009 that the theme of this years International PRSA conference is “delivering value”.

Public relations practitioners have not only fought lowered budgets, slow business development, and shrinking client/prospect pools, but they have also had to do battle with social/emerging media and an entirely new way of doing business.

2009 – in no other terms – has been challenging. However, in this writers opinion there has never been a better time for companies to harness the power of trained PR professionals – pay quality people in the worst of times to do what they do best to get results.

This will be my 2nd PRSA conference and I can attest that these events offer all comers opportunities to leave San Diego with the ability to so their job better than before.

Business Wire will be there, and like the educational sessions occurring throughout the conference, we also can provide you with tools and knowledge to help you enhance your performance. From release distribution to social media trends to release optimization input and tips, we’ve got the means and the know-how to help.

It is fitting that the opening ceremonies took place on an aircraft carrier – just as it has defended the US and provided support for those in need, it now offers PR pros with a location to regroup and attack their jobs with newly learned skills and confidence.

-Malcolm Atherton, Account Executive/New Media Specialist, Business Wire Phoenix

Follow Malcolm at PRSA 09 on Twitter: @businesswire


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