Communicating Effectively to U.S. Spanish-Language Media & the Hispanic Community: More Than Sending Your News in Spanish

February 24, 2012

by Danny Selnick, Vice President of Public Policy & LatinoWire Services, Business Wire DC

by Danny Selnick, VP, LatinoWire Services

Communicators that may have only the occasional need to engage with the Hispanic media and community about an issue, product or some other topic, should take note of a few useful tips for their targeted communications outreach or run the risk of failure.

  • First, the Hispanic community is not monolithic.  They come to the United States from all corners of the Americas, and there are cultural and language differences that need to be addressed, especially when crafting the message and then writing the news release.   While I’m not suggesting communicators write many versions of the same release to fit all the various communities, I am saying that the message has to be general enough that Hispanic media and their audiences can equally relate to the message.
  • Second, simply translating releases into Spanish can be dangerousdestroying the message or even worse – a loss of reputation, as an extreme example.  Spanish is a language that is culturally rich and anyone doing translations needs to completely understand the interaction between words and culture to ensure the message is well-received and understood.  Gerald Erichsen wrote an article in listing several well-known (true and not-so-true) Spanish translation/cultural blunders.  Nevertheless, the point is clear: Don’t use an automated program to translate your news from English into Spanish … and if you need to translate, make sure the person is a native speaker.  Oh, and also remember that Spanish doesn’t come in one flavor.  Words used in one country might mean something very different in another.  Use generally accepted and grammatically correct Spanish.
  •  Third, while many recent immigrants or older Hispanics may only speak Spanish and rely on traditional Spanish-language print and broadcast media for news and information, younger Hispanics tend to be bilingual and look for and read news also in English – both in print and online.  And much like other American in their 20’s and 30’s, younger Hispanics are increasingly online, using smart devices with mobile news and social media apps to be informed and stay connected.  That also means communicators should include social media strategies while employing the latest technologies in search engine optimization and add multimedia when appropriate.  Make your news release powerful and visible.
  • Last (but not no less important), which Spanish-language media should you consider reaching out to?  Just like any other communications campaign to media, you should target your message to Hispanic media appropriately.  Is your story national, regional, local?  Researching and finding sources of up-to-date listings of Spanish-language newsrooms is not as easy as finding general consumer newspapers by circulation from E&P.  Using Google or other search engines may offer a number of links – but they’re not likely to be accurate.  Some even at the top of the search (like Echo Media) are more than seven years old.  You can go to Business Wire’s LatinoWire page for some 1,200 listings organized by media type and geography.  Also keep in mind that there are really only abut 30 Spanish-language dailies in the United States.  Most print publications are weeklies, so be mindful of their deadlines.  Reaching bloggers and social media feeds takes a bit more work too.  You have to find appropriate writers, communities and feeds — and then build connections.  See who is following whom and ask if they’re appropriate for your own network.  If so, link-in, befriend and follow them.  Your network will also grow.

So what’s the end result?  Issue your news with care, in Spanish and in English, to traditional Hispanic and general media, but also include reach to the online world by keeping up with and using new the mediums of communications used your audiences.

Danny Selnick, a 25-year veteran of the newswire business, is Business Wire’s vice president for LatinoWire and Public Policy.  He is based in Washington, D.C.

September is Hispanic Heritage Month

September 2, 2010

by Pilar Portela, Media Relations Specialist, Business Wire/Florida

With Hispanic Heritage Month beginning yesterday, keep in mind that the Hispanic consumer base in the U.S. is so big (50 million people) that all marketers, not just Hispanic brands, need to be targeting this group. Also, Latinos are now the nation’s second-largest consumer market after white non-Hispanics. Check out Pew Hispanic Center’s new case studies: “The Latino Digital Divide: The Native Born versus the Foreign Born” and “How Young Latinos Communicate with Friends in the Digital Age“.

The Pew Hispanic reports found that when it comes to socializing and communicating with friends, young Latinos (ages 16 to 25) make extensive use of mobile technology. Hispanic Youths vs. Hispanic Adults: Hispanics ages 16 to 25 are more likely than Hispanics ages 26 and older to use mobile technologies to communicate with their friends. While half (50%) of young Latinos use texting to communicate, just 21% of older Latinos do the same.

Check out the latest companies using LatinoWire, including Yahoo!, UnitedHealth Group, Best Buy, KFC, Sprint, McCormick, Prudential, Comcast, and Mayo Clinic, just to name a few. These releases run in English and Spanish with translation included! This is a great time for your company to share stories about culture, inspiration, success and more.

Keeping Hispanic Heritage Month in mind, we also encourage you to sign up any knowledgeable experts from your company or organization in our ExpertSource database. Individuals who can share insight into the Hispanic experience, be it business, events, issues or culture, will help make diverse voices available to media members all year round.

Tap Into the Hispanic Sports Market With Ease

May 5, 2010

— by Nikelle Feimster and Pilar Portela, Media Relations Specialists, Business Wire

Nikelle Feimster

Pilar Portela

On April 7, 2010, strategic planners, PR agency thought leaders, and brand and product managers convened at the 2010 LatinVision Sports & Networking Conference in New York to learn about the evolving Hispanic demographic in the US, and how to reach the Hispanic audience using sports as a platform.

The panelists were comprised of marketing experts and top executives who shared insight and best practices on how businesses can leverage Latinos’ passion for soccer and other sports. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Soccer United Marketing each use grassroots campaigns across the country to garner support for their sports, FOX and ESPN use branded media events to target the Latino community, and the NBA and NFL have increased the content available in Spanish on their websites.

According to Mario Flores, managing director of Sportivo, the right marketing mix is key to success. You have to harness the power of editorial media coverage for added exposure.

Don’t pass up opportunities to engage the Latino market. The 2010 US Census is expected to find that Hispanics number more than 50 million in the US and command $1 trillion in buying power. Unfortunately, the reality is that even though Latinos make powerful consumers, half of the U.S. advertisers are not including them in their marketing efforts.

A recent MediaPost column by Jack Loechner highlights a new Hispanic marketing trends survey by the Orcí agency that shows Hispanics are tech savvy, young trend setters with incredible spending power and yet 82% of its survey’s respondents have no plans to begin or increase existing efforts aimed at US Hispanics in the next 12 months.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider including US Hispanics in your next marketing and advertising campaign.

  • 89% believe Latinos will somewhat impact American taste in foods in the next five years.
  • 87% believe Latinos will impact fashion and beauty.
  • 82% expect Hispanics to impact entertainment.
  • 78% believe Hispanics will impact technology/communications.

The Orcí survey also found that 78% of respondents do not use social media to engage Latinos despite the fact that Hispanics are the heaviest users of wireless access through mobile phones and laptops than any other ethnic group.

Today’s brand leaders can and should actively engage with Latino customers, and Business Wire can help. By utilizing our LatinoWire product line, in conjunction with SportsWire, companies can bolster their print and Web marketing campaigns. With LatinoWire, your press release reaches the leading Spanish-language news and information outlets throughout the U.S., including more than 1,200 Hispanic print and broadcast media outlets. Our SportsWire distribution sends your news to sports reporters, columnists, syndicates and television programs as well as newspapers and other local media in your specified geographic circuit area.

Upcoming Business Wire Events – August 4 Edition

August 4, 2009


Join Business Wire experts in your area for media breakfasts, panel discussions and other insightful events. We bring local media members and industry thought leaders to your market to discuss today’s most relevant topics, from writing for SEO to marketing with social media. Best of all, Business Wire events are usually free of charge. Check out some of our upcoming events in your area:

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Hispanic PR Strategies and Marketing Trends

Hosted by Business Wire Florida

Today there are 46.9 million Latinos in the US, which means 1 out of every 6 US residents is Hispanic. With the buying power of over $713 billion it is more important than ever to reach this powerful and growing community of business professionals. Join Business Wire Florida for breakfast and panel discussions to learn more about the ever growing Hispanic consumer market and how to target your communications efforts to this influential segment of the US population. Gina Amaro Rudan of Genuine Insights will moderate the panel, which will also feature Manny Garcia, Executive Editor/Director, El Nuevo Herald; Mark Fauntleroy, Brand Manager, Experian Consumer Research; Arturo Duran, CEO, ImpreMedia Digital LLC; Jorge Mercado, Director of Marketing, Terra Networks USA; and Susan Solano, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Telemundo Network Group LLC. This event is free for all attendees.

Thursday, August 13 at 8:30am ET
Florida International University
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Jump Start Your PR – POSTing Your Social Media and External Communications Strategy

Hosted by Business Wire Phoenix & the Arizona Technology Council

Join Phoenix Business Journal, Business Wire, and the Arizona Technology Council for the second annual Jump Start Your PR Council Connect, featuring an expert panel of local media and communications professionals discussing how a simple acronym – POST – can be used to establish your social media and external communications plan. Malcolm Atherton, Account Executive for Business Wire Phoenix, will moderate a panel, including Dan Wool, Corporate Communications Specialist, APS; Sheila Kloefkorn, President, KEO Marketing; C. Edward Brice, SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Lumension; and Adam Kress, Multimedia Reporter, Phoenix Business Journal. This event is $20 for Arizona Technology Council Members and $35 for Non-Members (includes the cost of breakfast).

Thursday, August 13 at 7:30am PST
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Effective Use of Blogging and Email Marketing to Drive Website Traffic

Hosted by Business Wire Phoenix and

Join Business Wire Phoenix and for lunch and a discussion on the effective use of blogging and email marketing to drive website traffic. Business Wire Regional Manager Grant Armendariz will moderate the discussion with Mark Cenicola and Jeff Helvin of They will discuss effective use and deployment of content within a company’s blog, how to target the right customers through well-optimized press releases and how to generate a loyal customer base through email marketing. This event is free for all attendees.

Thursday, August 13 at 11:30 am PT
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Introducing LatinoWire State Circuits

October 16, 2008

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the most options and best tools for our clients to reach their

LatinoWire from Business Wire

LatinoWire from Business Wire

audiences, we’ve expanded our LatinoWire service, focused on reaching the influential U.S. Hispanic market. With the Latino population in America expected to triple in size before 2050, LatinoWire now offers targeted State Circuits in five of the top Hispanic markets in the country: California, Florida, Illinois, New York/New Jersey and Texas.

Members who choose State Circuits also receive complimentary NewsTrak measurement reports and Spanish translation for English language releases. Members can also still choose LatinoWire’s National Circuit, which serves more than 1,200 print, broadcast and online media. LatinoWire National remains the exclusive partner of impreMedia, the no. 1 Hispanic news and information company in the U.S. in both print and online.

Check out and click on Products & Services for more information.


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