Getting the Most Out of Your Headlines: All Things Press Release Podcast

March 4, 2010

Great press releases start with great headlines.  More and more press release writers are learning that a great headline is not only about being catchy, but also about applying SEO best practices in order to maximize your  reach in search engines.

In this edition of  the  All Things Press Release podcast, our EON Product Manager Joseph Miller gives us some strategies and tips we can apply to get the most out of our headlines out there in the wild world of SEO.

Please take a listen and let us know what you think.

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All Things Press Release Podcast: How to Write a Good Headline

July 14, 2009

Today the All Things Press Release podcast is addressing the question:  How to Write a Good Headline?

Headlines have always been important in drawing readers into your press release but with today’s nanosecond attention spans, they matter even more.   Write a crummy headline and your press release sits;  craft a dandy, and you draw readers in, increasing chances of engagement.

The three-minute podcast, a production of Business Wire, aims to help  communicators large and small get the most out of press release efforts.  Tips, how-tos and guidance based on experience will be served up courtesy of Business Wire staff and outside counsel alike.

How To Write A Good Headline is featured in the All Things Press Release podcast, below:


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