Business Wire’s 50th Anniversary College Contest Highlight: Haley Lesavoy and “Bob”

August 30, 2011

Our next finalist for the Business Wire college video contest knew she wanted to go into broadcast news when she anchored for her middle school’s morning announcement show Serendipity Live.  Haley Lesavoy is a senior studying Journalism and Mass Communications at The George Washington University.   She created one of our top ten selected videos, where the winner will meet Warren Buffett, chairman & CEO of Business Wire’s parent company, Berkshire Hathaway, at Business Wire’s NYSE Opening Bell luncheon on September 30th, 2011. View Haley and Bob’s video here (2nd one).

When asked why Haley wants to meet Mr. Buffett, she answered “He is a figure who has been able to achieve success while maintaining an honest, humble and well respected reputation. Most importantly, he is someone who emphasizes the importance of passion and doing what you love.”

As a lover of broadcasting, Haley does what she loves.  Haley has worked for the school newspaper, television and radio stations and currently serves as Director of Productions for GWTV.  In addition, she is host of her own music countdown show, Select Seven. She is a two-time Gracie Award Winner, recipient of the Loreen Arbus Award at the 2010 College Emmy’s, has worked as a freelancer for Bloomberg News in New York, and this past year produced and served as an on-camera reporter for the Washington Post website.  Haley is currently contributing to the homeland security, terrorism, consumer safety, and aviation units at ABC News in Washington, D.C.  She hopes to one day host her own entertainment show.  You can view her work on her vimeo page including her college contest video outtakes.

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