Business Wire’s 50 Years of Innovation Timeline Invites Your Comments

July 14, 2011

by Laura Sturaitis, EVP Media Services & Product Strategy

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we’ve posted a timeline of the past five decades on our homepage at

It was a labor of love and almost an archaeological effort to gather the key milestones of our company.  The enormous task was made a bit easier by the fact that many of us have been here a while.   Milestones, trivia and details of some our finest moments combine to make the Business Wire timeline something to make us all proud.

All that’s missing are your comments.   We would love to hear your Business Wire story.  

Simply click on any of the “VIEW” icons and a comment box pops open, ready for your comments and insights.  You can also share the entire experience through your favorite social site. 

Business Wire:  50 years of innovation timeline

Here are some BW memories to get you started, including mine:
Business Wire opened its office in Miami in 1987. I started as the Florida Regional Manager in 1992. Today, I still work in the Florida office with three of the people who were there the day I started. I have so many great memories of the many coworkers, colleagues and clients who I have known throughout the years and am proud to say are my friends. 
Business Wire and I both turned 50 this year. I can’t even believe how lucky I am to have spent 20 of those years at BW. Sure, we have both grown and changed, but we both still hold the same fundamental values. I think I can speak for us both when I say we look forward to many, many more productive, interesting and successful years ahead.
From Jen Saragosa, Account Manager in Boston…
May, 1999: I was hired as an Account Executive in the Boston office and immediately loved advising  companies on their PR and IR strategies. Highlights in my twelve years include meeting original Business Wire owner (and philanthropist) Lorry Lokey and also current owner Warren Buffett.
It’s been a thrill to be part of an innovative company that was first to market with SEO, social media, mobile phones and numerous other technologies and tools – all that help PR and IR professionals be more productive and successful. Happy 50th Anniversary Business Wire -here’s to 50 more!
From Tom Becktold, Senior Vice President, Marketing in Los Angeles…
May, 1988 – I started @BusinessWire as an editor in the Los Angeles bureau.  I remember watching Kirk Gibson and the Dodgers win it all on the late shift. I honed my typing skills taking press release telephone dictates for breaking news of an off-shore oil rig explosion in the North Sea and experienced the immediacy of Business Wire’s impact by hearing the updates reported on the radio moments after sending the release.

C’mon, don’t be shy.  Let us hear from you today.  If you need more inspiration, check out the Business Wire 50th Anniversary video, too. 


BW Fun Fact: Business Wire Has Been Adding Multimedia to Press Releases for More Than a Decade

March 14, 2011

In 1997, Business Wire introduced the Smart News Release (SNR), which allowed users to embed photos, audio, video and other multimedia into press releases. Not only does multimedia help a press release stand out to reporters or readers, but it also increases the reach of a release in search engines. Although often overlooked, Google Images receives a huge amount of search traffic and can actually drive readers back to your release. Our research has found that releases with multimedia receive 1.7 times more reads than those without.

Back when we first introduced SNRs, clients would often provide us with hard-copy photos, which were then scanned by Business Wire editors to be made available in high resolution to media and web viewers. Today, we distribute hundreds of releases with multimedia every week.

Check out what some of our experienced editors have to say about how best to submit multimedia and best practices for writing photo captions.

BW Fun Fact: Business Wire was First to Launch Press Release Wire Service Website in 1995

February 25, 2011

We’ve come a long way since launching the first wire service industry website in 1995.    

The wayback machine provides the screenshot below, grabbed on Christmas Eve, 1996 .  At the time, this represented the pinnacle of web design with frame-based navigation and a whopping 48-hours of search.   Absent was flashing text, known in geek circles as a “blink tag.”

Today Business Wire’s distribution system and website manages thousands of press releases daily and syndication to countless partners in real time.  We boast a five-year search window.   Our patented N/X servers make it all possible.


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