Events, large and small, are an integral part of many marketing programs. Marketing teams rely on conferences and events to educate and connect with target audiences.

But in 2020, events changed, leaving companies and organizers scrambling to find new ways to recreate the event experience. While events modernized, event communication did not.

Until now.

Business Wire is excited to introduce Event Spotlight, the modern way to effectively extend the reach of your event participation, far beyond your show’s digital walls.

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We’ve recreated the trade show experience into a single, embeddable content piece, promoted across your owned and social channels, and our newswire. Now companies can target reporters, industry buyers, analysts, and consumers with an interactive content piece that guides the viewer through your entire suite of event messaging. We’ve combined the power of Business Wire’s news network with your owned channels to bring the show experience to all audiences.

Easy to build, easy to amplify, and easy to measure, Event Spotlight:

  • Uses interactivity to walk audiences through your event content
  • Engages customers and prospects before, during, and after your events
  • Repurposes your existing event content live streams, presentation videos, marketing materials, calls to action and more into an interactive content piece
  • Embeds on your landing pages and social networks to extend your event experience
  • Reaches reporters, analysts, and consumers via Business Wire’s news network
  • Attracts viewers with a user-first interactive press release
  • Directs viewers through the virtual exhibition experience to maximize event content consumption
  • Provides reporting data to track results

Event Spotlight was designed specifically to increase awareness of your event participation and the impact of your trade show marketing strategies. If you are looking to increase the impact of your next event, contact us at or 888.381.9473.

Learn more about Event Spotlight at

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