Reminder: US Stock Exchanges Closed Monday, Sept. 3

August 31, 2012
Please be aware that the U.S. exchanges (NYSE/NYSE MKT, NASDAQ, OTCBB, Pink Sheets) will be closed all day on Monday, Sept. 3 in observance of Labor Day.

For other exchange closing dates, please see:

Calendar of US Federal Holidays:
NYSE Holiday Calendar:

The following are some numbers that may be of assistance:

Dow Jones: 212.416.2000

Reuters: 646.223.6000

Bloomberg: 212.617.2300
US SEC Branch of EDGAR Filer Support Telephone: 202.942-8900

NYSE Client Services Department
Telephone: 212.656.3000
Fax: 212.656.7299; 212.656.2294

Telephone: 212.656.3000 or 212.656.5804
NASDAQ Stockwatch
Telephone: 800.537.3929
Fax: 301.978.8510 

Link to

OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB)
Telephone: 203.375.9609

LatinoWire Webinar News Conference: US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis on “The State of the Latino Worker in the US”

August 30, 2012

Today, as part of LatinoWire’s Expert Webinar Series, US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis spoke about The State of the Latino Worker in the US.  Her presentation addressed a variety of topics, including the role of Latino workers in the ongoing economic recovery, the administration’s investments in job training and labor law enforcement, and projections on the future contributions of Latinos to the American workforce.

Sec. of Labor Hilda Solis

US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis
(click for a downloadable, high-resolution version of this photo)

If you missed this event, you can view the entire recorded webinar here, or view the Secretary’s presentation and download her prepared remarks below:

Additional links:

Free Webinar with US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on the State of Latino Workers

August 22, 2012
U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis

On Thursday, Aug. 30, in advance of Labor Day, Business Wire will host a free webinar with US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis, the first Latina to head a major federal agency in a president’s cabinet, to discuss the state of the Latino worker in the United States.

Secretary Solis will discuss the gains that Latinos have made during the economic recovery; specific sectors of growth and opportunities; challenges and prospects for women, veterans and youth; vulnerable workers; and department efforts in worker training and education for the Latino community.

This event is FREE for all attendees. The webinar will be moderated by Danny Selnick, Vice President, LatinoWire & Public Policy Services, Business Wire/DC; and Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor, Business Wire/Miami.

To register, please visit:

NOTE: Q&A session open to to the public, but questions are limited to working journalists.  Reporters must identify themselves and their news organizations when submitting written questions during the webinar. Questions may be submitted ahead of time to

Putting the Big 3 to Work for You

August 14, 2012
by Chris Metinko, Media Relations Specialist,Business Wire/San Francisco

Ever wonder how to use Pinterest or Facebook to push your campaign? Can you reach out to journalists via Twitter?

These questions and many others were tackled at PR News’ The Big 3 Conference: Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook in San Francisco last week. The conference — which was sponsored by Business Wire and attracted a few hundred media and public relation specialists — featured nearly a dozen panels on the do’s and don’ts in using social media’s biggest names for marketing and outreach.

“Social media is a remarkable tool for self annihilation,” joked Walter Neary, a public relations director for Comcast in Washington state, while sitting on a panel discussing how to use Twitter to gain a competitive edge in media relations.

The panel examined if and how journalists use Twitter in their reporting. A recent study by Oriella showed 55 percent of reporters use social media to find stories from sources and 43 percent verified stories using social media. Nearly 50 percent have professional Twitter profiles.

With so many journalists on Twitter, the social media platform can be an important tool for building a relationship with reporters and even pitching possible story ideas.

Laura Perry, director of communications at UCLA School of Nursing, said in order to do that, it’s important to create a profile that attracts reporters. She added you also must be active and participate on the platform to effectively use it with journalists.

“Listen, reply, retweet,” Perry said was a good mantra.

Perry added Twitter even could be a good way to meet face-to-face with reporters, since many journalists use Tweetups — an event where people who Twitter come together to meet in-person — to build relationships with sources.

Neary said there are a handful of keys to keep in mind while using Twitter in communications work, including: know your community and who you are engaging, have a clear purpose, read anything at least three times before you post and be genuine.

“Reporters expect you to be full of crap because you’re a PR person . . . Be genuine,” said Neary, adding it also is important to take chances.

”If you don’t take risks, you aren’t using (social media) tools properly,” he said.

Follow Neary (@wtneary) and Perry (@UCLANursing) on Twitter, and view Chris’s presentation below:

KISS an Online Newsroom

August 8, 2012
By Ibrey Woodall, VP, Web Communications Services, Business Wire
Ibrey Woodall

Ibrey Woodall, VP, Web Communication Services

“What I’m hearing is KISS — Keep it Simple, Stupid — correct?” exclaimed one of the 70+ attendees during Business Wire’s “Meet the Media” luncheon. The discussion for this Atlanta-based session covered how the media uses online newsrooms. As moderator of this session, I turned and looked at the panelists to answer this outburst. All three replied with vigorous, affirmative nods.

The panel consisted of Anita Sharpe, Bureau Chief, Editor-at-Large for Bloomberg News; Jeremiah McWillams, Business Reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and Stephen Brown,EVP/Managing Director, Cohn & Wolfe-Atlanta. Each panelist shared their personal insights about challenges and usage of online newsrooms by the media. This included keeping the online newsroom simple and straightforward with easy access to news specifically about the organization.

For many years, I’ve surveyed journalists on what they want in an online newsroom. I’ve also surveyed communicators on how they manage their online newsroom. I use this valuable feedback to make sure that Business Wire’s NewsHQ product contains the best features and functionality. I enjoy listening to the horror stories, and seeing journalists get worked up about obstacles in some of the online newsrooms that they visit.

Atlanta "Online Newsrooms" media panel

(L-R) Jeremiah McWilliams, Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Anita Sharpe, Bloomberg News; Stephen Brown, Cohn & Wolfe-Atlanta and Ibrey Woodall, Business Wire discuss how media use online newsrooms.

Although all agreed that an online newsroom is a necessity for any organization, below are simple points that have caused frustration for these particular panelists.

  • Excessive clicks from the corporate site to the newsroom
  • Complicated navigation and design
  • Uncategorized press releases
  • Absence of press releases distributed via wire services
  • Dearth of historical press releases
  • Press releases in PDF format only
  • Omission of dates in press releases
  • Lack of fact sheets
  • Insufficient birth dates for executives
  • Missing subject matter experts
  • Unavailability of email alerts
  • Forced registration/password-protected content
  • Inadequate updates during a crisis situation
  • Failure to provide media contact phone numbers and email addresses

All of these frustrations are easy to avoid with a proper online newsroom. There was one request made; however, that I’m not sure will ever be available in an online newsroom – cell phone numbers for chief executive officers.

Journalists Offer Pitching Tips at SoCal Media Breakfast

August 6, 2012
by Kathy Tomasino, Client Services Representative, Business Wire/Newport Beach
Kathy Tomasino

Kathy Tomasino

It was a full house last month when Executives and PR professionals from Southern California attended Business Wire Newport Beach’s Meet the Media event in Costa Mesa.

The event was moderated by Daniel Rhodes, VP Public Relations at Global Results Communications, and our panel of experts included Tom Berg from the Orange County Register, Chris Casacchia from the Orange County Business Journal and Kyle Ellicott from TechZulu.

The event was focused on how to best pitch your company’s story to both local and national press and how reporters are now using social media sites such as Twitter for story leads.

Below are a few tips captured from the event:

  • Make introductions with a reporter before you pitch your story idea.
  • Reporters use social media sites such as Twitter to find story leads.
  • Email is the preferred way to pitch over a phone call.
  • Have a story and be genuine about how you present it.
  • Find a way in – use “nuggets” to grab reporters’ attention.

Although Twitter is a great resource for story ideas, Casacchia advised our audience to only tease their story ideas on such sites and to also use a wire service such as Business Wire for the full press release. (Business Wire does automatically tweet press release headlines via dozens of industry-specific feeds.)  Casacchia also recommended that you know your audience when delving into social media.  Although social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are great outlets to promote your story ideas, you must only use the outlets that fit your company style and business as not all may work for a bank or law firm, for example.

Ellicott mentioned that mobile ads have a huge potential especially since more and more people are using their mobile phones for news and all other things.  Luckily for our clients, all Business Wire press releases automatically feed into the AP Mobile app and other mobile applications.

Berg is a great storyteller and uses sites such as Twitter for story ideas.  He recommended our audience use social media to get the buzz going about a story, although the wire is still the first place he will look for news directly from the source.

All of our speakers may be followed via Twitter at @OCStoryteller (Tom Berg); @ccasacchia (Chris Casacchia); @kyleellicott (Kyle Ellicott) and @GlobalResults (Daniel Rhodes).





The Big 3 Conference: Business Wire Sponsorship and Registration Discount

August 2, 2012

The Big 3 Conference logo

Facebook and Twitter are the essential social networks for communicators seeking to actively take part in ongoing conversations about their brands, but Pinterest is gaining fast, with 10.4 million registered pinners who love to buy products by clicking through pins. This one-of-a-kind conference gathers leaders in the Big 3 social networks for just one day in beautiful San Francisco.

The keynote speakers for this must-attend event are:

  • Shel Israel, Author, Twitterville and Naked Conversations – How Blogs Are Changing the Way Businesses Talk With Customers
  • Jon Swartz, Technology Reporter, USA Today

Business Wire is proud to be a sponsor of The Big 3 Conference, taking place next Thursday, Aug. 9th at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. We’ll be on-site with helpful tips and fun giveaways, and Business Wire Media Relations Specialist Chris Metinko will be speaking on a panel, Use Twitter to Gain a Competitive Edge in Media Relations.

We’re also offering a $125 discount on registration to Business Wire members. To take advantage of the special discount, register here and use the promo code BusinessWire125 at check-out. We’ll see you there1


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