Business Wire’s 50th Anniversary College Contest Highlight: Shannon McGreal-Miller

It’s been said in order to see the future, you must look into the past.  Our next finalist for the Business Wire college video contest just did that.  Shannon McGreal-Miller, a junior from Michigan State University studying Marketing, used examples from Abraham Lincoln’s campaign where Mathew Brady took a photo of Mr. Lincoln to communicate with voters that Mr. Lincoln was not the wild man he was being portrayed as. It ultimately changed his image allowing him to win the election.  As a top ten finalist, Shannon may win a chance to meet Warren Buffett, chairman & CEO of Business Wire’s parent company, Berkshire Hathaway, at Business Wire’s NYSE Opening Bell luncheon on September 30th, 2011. View her video here (7th video).

When asked why she wanted to meet Mr. Buffett, Shannon answered “If I was able to meet Mr. Buffett I would be honored to hear any advice he had for a determined, college-student who wants to make an impact on the world! Meeting Mr. Buffett would be like Mufasa showing Simba Pride Rock in Lion King: Epic!!”

Shannon has a real passion for her hometown, which is also her college town, and considers herself a Spartan fan to the core. She credits this to the wonderful people including Val Berryman, curator of history at the MSU Museum.  Shannon shares that prior to Mr. Berryman’s help she was planning on using spray paint and cardboard and is thankful to have Mr. Berryman as a resource.  She has received numerous emails from her MSU professors, including the chairman of her department, and even received a Lincoln mug from a fan.  Read her article in the MSU paper here.

Show your support to all the top video finalists on our Facebook page and let our executive judging committee including Business Wire’s chairman and CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz and President Gregg Castano your favorites by commenting and “liking” them. You can also show your support on Twitter using hashtag #BWSHANNON.

One Response to Business Wire’s 50th Anniversary College Contest Highlight: Shannon McGreal-Miller

  1. cathleenerin says:

    Great mug with the lower half of Lincoln’s face! Love the way that Lincoln’s image was changed through photography. Creative split screen of the past and the present/future!

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