Two Great Tips for Pitching Health and Life Science Reporters

by Liz Koch, Media Relations Specialist, Business Wire/Boston

Directly from those who cover the biotech, pharma and medical device industries: tips for getting your life sciences announcement covered by mainstream media and niche industry publications alike.

“Media often prefer to write about broader trend stories than individual pieces on just one company or product,” says Todd Wallack, Business Reporter for The Boston Globe who formerly covered life science firms.

That means putting the news in context. For instance, maybe your company is part of a wave of oncology firms winning venture capital to develop cancer fighting agents.   “If you can name the other companies, that will help make the case that’s it’s a broader story than one company firing off a press release,  says Wallack.

Brad Perriello, co-founder and executive editor of the Massachusetts Medical Devices Journal (, suggests always including a link to key information. “I want to be able to find the release online. Always include in your pitch a URL for the press release on a newswire or company website posting. Just including the URL ups your chances by 50 percent.”

To summarize:

  1. Give your press release some context and don’t be afraid to mention your peers. Relate your announcement to industry trends and hot topics.
  2. Your news is going to be accessible on every social media platform, so make your release available right away by always including a URL for your release in your pitch email.

Use these tips and you’ll maximize your biotechnology or pharmaceutical announcement’s potential to get the “healthiest” results!

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