BW Fun Fact: Business Wire was First to Launch Press Release Wire Service Website in 1995

We’ve come a long way since launching the first wire service industry website in 1995.    

The wayback machine provides the screenshot below, grabbed on Christmas Eve, 1996 .  At the time, this represented the pinnacle of web design with frame-based navigation and a whopping 48-hours of search.   Absent was flashing text, known in geek circles as a “blink tag.”

Today Business Wire’s distribution system and website manages thousands of press releases daily and syndication to countless partners in real time.  We boast a five-year search window.   Our patented N/X servers make it all possible.

3 Responses to BW Fun Fact: Business Wire was First to Launch Press Release Wire Service Website in 1995

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Raschanda Hall, Jen Saragosa. Jen Saragosa said: Take a look @ the '95 version of @BusinessWire website. We were first to launch online press release site: […]

  2. Alisha Tannersby says:

    Hello Businesswire team-

    Fun story! Love seeing how BusinessWire has evolved from it’s humble beginnings into the powerhouse it is today. Frames!

    I am curious why BW doesn’t do a deal with — or purchase — a company like Heardable? Integrating their brand analytics into your PR analytics package could provide actionable value to your customers by helping them measure the wider impact of their online branding efforts. Let’s face it, your current analytics package is kinda weak and your customers deserve better.

    Just a thought!



  3. […] Business Wire launched it’s website in 1995 there was a lot of excitement around sending the press release via email to the media. Previously, […]

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