Reminder: BW Webinar Friday on Video and Corporate Communication with Digital Citizen Media

January 22, 2009

dcm_logo_process_s1With the increasing popularity of online video, we asked our friends at Digital Citizen Media to join us in a talk about using video for corporate communication purposes and our new partnership.

Recently, Business Wire teamed with Digital Citizen Media, a leading digital media production and content management company, to offer professional video tools, in particular the Video Annual Report (VAR), to our members. Members can also use Digital Citizen to create, produce and manage video content to use in Business Wire Smart News Releases, Corporate Profiles and other forms of corporate communication.

Join Digital Citizen Media’s Tim Carey in a discussion about using the Video Annual Report and trends and best practices for using video for corporate communication.

Registration is required for this free webinar:
“Using Video for Corporate Communications feature the Video Annual Report with Digital Citizen Media”
Friday, January 23 beginning at 1 p.m. EST
Register today at

For a full schedule of all of our upcoming webinars and events, check out

Business Wire & NAPS Team for Enhanced Feature News Distribution

January 19, 2009

naps-gold-logoBusiness Wire is bolstering our industry-leading feature wire service! We’re combining our exceptional online distribution network with the reputation of longtime leading mat release distribution provider NAPS to offer the best service possible.

Mat releases have become increasingly popular in recent years because they are written in a special editorial format and provide camera-ready artwork that newspapers and special interest magazines can print with very little editing. Business Wire and NAPS will send lifestyle stories such as consumer interest, health, food, home and holiday to more than 11,000 media outlets.

Our partnership with NAPS will guarantee clients a minimum of 100 placements for each article. This unique service is intended to allow members to share their feature news with a widespread audience, but also to add value by assuring placement.

To learn more about our partnership with NAPS and to view upcoming subjects for our Feature Topic Series, please visit

New Research Study Finds Causal Relationship Between News Dissemination and Capital Markets Benefits

January 9, 2009

 Business Wire’s deep-seated belief that the dissemination of price-sensitive information over a recognized newswire enhances transparency is no secret. Sure, we take a lot of flack from so-called unbiased industry bloggers for our opinion, but the fact remains: the newswire is not only the most efficient and transparent method of disclosure, it is arguably the most cost-effective segment of the entire financial reporting supply-chain.

Our public stance on full and fair disclosure is nothing new. Back in 2000, just after Regulation FD went into effect, Business Wire was the first newswire to eliminate the 15-minute distribution delay to the financial community. Prior to this time the media received releases minutes before the financial community. More recently Business Wire has taken a strong stand on whether or not Web postings should constitute “disclosure.”

Research seems to indicate that Business Wire is correct in its thinking. After earlier reports citing a correlation between frequent public disclosure and share price stability comes new research indicating a definite causal relationship between news dissemination and capital market benefits.

Eugene Soltes, a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, analyzed more than 9.3 million news releases from the post-Reg FD period and found a statistically significant relationship between greater dissemination of company-generated news and benefits including lower bid-ask spread, increased trading volume and lower idiosyncratic volatility.

According to Soltes, “Greater dissemination of firm news has the opportunity to broaden a firm’s base by attracting investors that were not previously familiar with the firm. The more broadly information is diffused to investors, the more investors who will be aware of this information. Consequently, greater dissemination of firm news is hypothesized to lower information asymmetry (and, by extension, a firm’s bid-ask spread).”

Interestingly, Soltes’ research finds causality: better liquidity and a lower cost of capital are not just statistically related to greater news dissemination, but are a direct result.

This is precisely why Business Wire has worked so hard to help you bring your news not just to investors here in the US, but around the world as well. The wire today is truly ubiquitous. Today we can disseminate your news to the financial community in just about any market, not to mention global retail investors via thousands of popular news and information sites. We also enable clients to meet regulatory requirements in more markets worldwide simultaneously than any other newswire service

Our full suite of investor relations options – including expert XBRL consulting – is yet another opportunity to lower corporate cost of capital and capture liquidity in the global marketplace.

We look forward to hearing your comments below.

-Michael Becker, VP, Global Disclosure and Financial Reporting Services, Business Wire

Michael leads Business Wire’s Investor Relations, Regulatory Filing and XBRL teams. He serves on the NIRI/NY board andthe XBRL-US steering committee and can be reached at 212-752-9600, ext. 1312 or

CES 2009 Publicity? Business Wire Serves as Official Wire Again

January 6, 2009

Business Wire once again serves as the official wire service for CES. Our news file is fully integrated in the CES website – view news on the front page under Exhibitor News. Our partner, Virtual Press Office provides online press kit posting and measurement.

If you are an exhibitor and want to issue news, contact your local rep or our onsite trade show team at CES led by Leon Harbar and Jim Liebenau: or +310.820.9473.

For exhibitor press releases, visit our CES 2009 archive.

For the latest Business Wire tradeshow updates, follow our tradeshow twitter feed:


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