SEC XBRL Mandate on Dec. 17?

December 11, 2008

The Securities and Exchange Commission is holding an Open Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 10 am EST where they will consider, among other items, whether to mandate XBRL tagging of financial statements based on a phase-in schedule.

Business Wire’s been working for several years on platforms to support XBRL. Our successful transition to a fully XHTML news feed supports data-rich features including XBRL.

We also worked closely with major news organizations over several years to prompt them to retire our ANPA data feed (still used by other wires and unable to support tagged financials). Our patented NX platform is also in place at news organizations, web portals and other disclosure services to deliver tagged content downstream.

All in all, this is a very exciting time for us.

Here’s a link to the SEC agenda.


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