Applying Buffettisms to All Walks of Life

November 24, 2008

c0r3Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett (disclosure: Business Wire is a subsidiary of Berkshire) has been called many things— the “greatest stock market investor of modern times,” for a while the richest man in the world, one of the most influential people in the world and one of the most generous and inspirational—but it’s doubtful he’s ever been called a search marketing expert.

We enjoyed this recent clever article from Steve Baldwin at Media Post’s Search Insider, relating some famous Warren Buffett quotes to major issues in search marketing (using Buffett ubiquities like “I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over” and “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” to discuss the problems in going after the top placement on high-traffic keywords and the additional marketing intelligence value received from paid search). It’s an interesting study in Buffett’s ability to draw life lessons from different situations that can apparently be applied to just about anything.

Baldwin also chose to include another of our favorite Buffettisms, “Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.” That one in particular applies to every form of marketing. As Warren Buffett might say, “If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Reminder: XBRL Webinar Today – Business Wire Hosts Reps from the SEC, XBRL US, Comcast

November 20, 2008

xbrl_logo from Google ImagesWith the SEC’s proposed mandate, which would require publicly traded companies in the U.S. to adopt XBRL for their financial reporting, looming, we are hosting a panel of XBRL experts today for a free webinar called “Understanding XBRL and the SEC’s Proposed Rule.” The live webinar will begin at 1 p.m. EST at

XBRL-formatted documents are made to be easily searched for online, downloaded into spreadsheets, reorganized in databases and easily compared and analyzed. Notably, despite the fact that, under the SEC’s proposed mandate, Fortune 500 companies would be expected to adopt the format as early as next spring, most companies have yet to convert. A September study by Grant Thornton found that, while more than halfcubes_features_1 of CFOs surveyed were familiar with XBRL, just two percent were actually using the format in their company’s financial filings.

Business Wire, a longstanding member of the XBRL International Consortium and provider of XBRL services, will lead the following distinguished panelists in a discussion on what XBRL is, why this technology is reshaping public company reporting, who within your organization should be preparing for it, and how the investment community will consume financial data in this format:

  • Michelle Savage, Vice President, Communication, XBRL U.S.
  • David Blaszkowsky, Director, Office of Interactive Disclosure, U.S. SEC, and
  • Phillip Gaudreau, Manager, Accounting Projects, Comcast Corporation.

Registration is required for this free XBRL webinar:

“Understanding XBRL and the SEC’s Proposed Rule”
Thursday, November 20 beginning at 1 p.m. EST
Register today at

Business Wire Providing Complimentary Distribution of Critical Information on Southern California Wild Fires

November 19, 2008

In light of the Southern California wild fires, Business Wire will again be offering distribution of critical press releases related to the fires on our media and Web networks at no charge. This service applies to support services, information, operations and events directly related to the fires.

News related to the fire can be found in the Hot Topics section of

Here’s how to submit a release using this service:

  • Business Wire Member Companies: Submit your release normally through and follow up with your local newsroom.
  • Non-Member Companies: Contact us at 888.381.9473 or for more details.

Business Wire and Digital Citizen Team Up for Corporate Video Products

November 5, 2008

dcm_logoIn recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in popularity of online video. Earlier this year, comScore reported that Americans watched 11.5 billion online videos in the month of March alone. However, despite the perception that this number mainly illustrates the growing interest in user generated video, it is actually professionally produced content that is proving to be the most popular.

In a study by online media and technology company Burst Media, 72.1 percent of respondents view online video content, with 58.8 percent reporting that they watch at least once a week. Interestingly, just 15.4 percent of respondents for the Burst study reported being interested in home/user generated video. In contrast, almost half, 44.4 percent, said they were most interested in news clips.cpkyoutube

With the way people view information online changing, so is the way companies communicate with their customers. To help companies do that, we’ve teamed up with leading digital media production and content management company Digital Citizen Media to provide professional video tools to our members for their corporate communications needs.

Under our new partnership, Business Wire members can use Digital Citizen to create, produce and manage video content to use in Business Wire Smart News Releases, Video Annual Reports (VARs), Corporate Profiles and other forms of corporate communication. Corporate video can be a particularly good investment because footage can often be repurposed for a variety of other uses, including training videos, Web site videos and b-roll.

What’s your view on corporate online videos? Do you think it’s a good channel for companies to communicate with their audiences?

Web Friendly Press Releases Get More Google Juice

November 3, 2008
Jennifer Saragosa with the Google Juice King, Warren Buffett

Jennifer Saragosa with the Google Juice King, Warren Buffett

Getting your press release found, seen and shared is always a challenge, and now that press releases are increasingly utilized to generate “Google juice” — organic search engine results–tips are flying about how to make your press releases more web friendly.

Here at Business Wire, where 1,000+ press releases each work day move through the chute, we suggest these simple rules: have something to say, write well, and make sure your press release is web friendly.

How to make your press release web friendly?

Business Wire’s own Jen Saragosa, a frequent speaker on our webinar series and a senior account manager in our Boston office, penned a timely article for Grant Marketing recently in which she suggests tips tips for getting more Google juice for your press releases.

Drink up Jen’s wisdom here.


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