Investor Relations & Disclosure Practices – Observations on Academic Research

March 27, 2008

We came across this interesting blog post by John Palizza, Rice University instructor and founding partner of Palizza Partners who was prepping for his investor relations class. His post provides a summary of various research findings related to investor relations and disclosure practices. Here’s a highlight: “improvements in the quality and quantity of voluntary disclosures improves a stock’s share price, trading volumes and narrows the bid – ask spread. The result of all this is increased liquidity and decreased volatility.”

There are a number of additional conclusions he draws about IR as it relates to the size of the company as well as the positive effects of having an ongoing, transparent investor relations effort. Very interesting. (apologies for errors in the original post – TB)

Context As King…and other Lessons from SXSWi 2008…

March 18, 2008

guitar hero at SXSW 2008Four days at South by Southwest Interactive   (SXSWi) yielded many lessons for this recently appointed Vice President of New Media.  Apart from ubiquitous guitar hero contests and a ride in a simulated racecar that was so real I got carsick,  the panels and discussions at the annual interactive and gaming festival taught me alot.         Guitar Hero at SXSW Interactive 2008

Here’s some insights:                                                                                  

1. The Geek Nation can be brutal.   The audience at the Mark Zuckerburg keynote was vicious in  attacks on Sarah Lacy, the hair-twirling valleygirl journalist whose interview with the Facebook founder provoked an unforgiving backchannel on Twitter, the microblogging and social networking service.    While Lacy deserved criticism for misjudging her audience and a flirty approach, the ambush seemed a bad fit for her “crime” of being lame.  As Catherine B. Taylor of Social Media Insider pondered:  “…is this…the punishment we can expect…for a particularly bad day at the office?”  The episode has made me reconsider Twitter.

2.  With new and social media it’s all about YOU.  Kathy Sierra’s presentation, “How to Create Passionate Users,” explained that what customers think of you or your company doesn’t matter.  What’s important is how your products and services make customers feel.   A tad Maya Angelou, perhaps, but Kathy’s example of the typical Help Desk experience provoking either an accepting “Ooops!” or angry “You bastards!” from users proves her case. 

3. Social media will have it THEIR way (an extension of Insight #2 above), OR they will leave.   One FAQ: what to do when the boss “just doesn’t get” that social media takes time?  In four separate sessions, social media marketers bemoaned the “glacial” pace of change in their companies, wondering how to convince the boss to be patient with social media initiatives.  

 Advice from the experts: “Life’s too short.  Go work for somebody who understands.” 

4.  Content or Context as King?   Multiple sessions touched on the back-to-the-future notion that once again, content rules.   Valuable content, well written, appropriately distributed reaps audience.   When Social Media Club founder Chris Heuer and I debated this over beers at the Dell Lounge, Chris pointed out, “No, Monika.  CONTEXT is king.”

Chris may be right.   What do you think? 

International Press Release Distribution: The Three T’s

March 12, 2008

Icon-Globe-Arrows-OutFor public relations and investor relations folks working on international press release outreach, we offer a Tips & Tools section on our site that might help. Our International Media Tips post features “The Three T’s – Targeting, Timing and Translations.”

Knowing where, when and how to send your press releases means you’ll reach audiences worldwide more efficiently. These tips, assembled by our in-house international media experts, helps guide you about the differences among our international circuits, what time to release your news for optimum impact, and how to factor translations into your plans.

For more information on any of our international services, contact your local Business Wire bureau – no matter where in the world you are!

New Multi-Platform Business Wire Widgets on Netvibes Ginger

March 5, 2008


We’re happy to announce our new multi-platform widgets we’ve developed with Netvibes 

Netvibes offers personalized homepages to users where they can easily aggregate all of their RSS feeds, widgets, and other content in one place. To many Business Wire users Netvibes is a familiar name: in 2007 we’ve launched our Business Wire Netvibes Universe offering our various feeds and widgets; have been featured in the Netvibes directory and ecosystem; and offer Netvibes subscription options on our RSS page 

Netvibes just launched its new platform, Ginger, that adds a social networking layer to Netvibes pages. So from now on, Netvibes users can share their entire Netvibes page itself (aka Universe) with their contacts. This means that their friends can see what kinds of feeds they are following, what interesting widgets they use, what networks they’re on, and more — allowing users to discover new content and websites through their friends. Users can also proactively share modules and widgets with others. While of course not every user wants all their contacts to see what they read and watch online, this is a great offering for many who wish to share and discover new interesting content sources.  

In conjunction with the new Ginger launch, we partnered with Netvibes again to create a series of four new Business Wire widgets. Each of the new widgets offers up to 15 unique content categories from Business Wire, including multimedia news and various types of feeds by industry, subject, and language. Another great feature of the new widgets is that they are compatible across platforms like Windows Vista and Live, Apple Dashboard, Opera, and iGoogle. We’re very excited about the new widgets as this makes it easier for more users to access Business Wire content in the format and platform of their choosing. As an official launch partner, our premium widgets are also featured in the new Ginger directory, as can be seen in the image below:  

Business Wire Widgets on Netvibes Ginger 


Please feel free to give both Ginger and our new widgets a test drive and let us know what you think. Simply follow this link or the bookmarklet below and click to add one of our widgets to your page. To keep the widget there whenever you return, you’ll need to login or sign up for a Netvibes account. 

Click to add Business Wire Widget on your Netvibes Ginger page


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