The Press Release 2.0: A Users Guide

September 20, 2007

Since 1996 when we first posted press releases on the Internet, we’ve been encouraging clients to write them with an eye to both journalists and consumers and to include photos and interactive elements. We thought we’d share the real-world application of what you can do today with the Business Wire platform.

Check out this sample press release from Business Wire that we put together for an author’s upcoming book on PR. You’ll notice that we enable you to present your press release using many of the style guidelines you build into your original document, including bold, underlines, bulleted text and hyperlinked keywords. All of these can help enhance the search engine visibility of your press release, not to mention improve the readiblity and interactivity of your communications.

We provide easy access to your photos and multimedia, translated versions of your press release, a company information center, your contact information, social media icons, measurement reports and more. Earnings tables are also more attractive and readable. And, these style elements are pushed out over our network to recipients via XHTML and RSS on our patented NX distribution platform.

Tips on Writing a Press Release for Features Editors

September 17, 2007

Business Wire FeaturesWe’ve written a new tip sheet to help guide PR pros in writing an attractive Features press release. The piece provides a paragraph- by-paragraph breakdown on what to include for features editors. Or new Features Topic Series program just launched, with outreach to journalists with 2007 Features issue dates (pdf) and PR pros, with 2007 deadlines, and a new brochure with 2008 deadlines (pdf).

Going Global: Upgraded Press Release Tracking & Measurement Reports

September 11, 2007

We recently announced an upgrade of our press release measurement and tracking reports (known as NewsTrak Reports) that makes us very proud.

NewsTrak Background

Our NewsTrak reports show customers detailed information on where their press releases are distributed; links to the full-text posting on a variety of websites; and aggregate audience measurement from Business Wire-hosted sites on who is accessing the news, how they interact with the content and in many cases where they come from – a portal or a social media site, for example.

What’s New

The upgraded NewsTrak is now available to members in any of 12 languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. The reports also show where our clients’ press releases were posted in hundreds of European websites and are updated as new postings occur. Finally, the look of the reports has been enhanced, making better usage of space and improving readability. Best of all, the reports continue to be a value-added feature of Business Wire distribution.

Kudos to our Web team, headed by VP Mark Wehrmeister for executing the project. Business Wire members can login and access the new reports via the NewsTrak links at the top of the press release page, or via the “My Reports” section in “My Connect”. We’d love to hear what you think.

Laura Sturaitis: Business Wire’s Media Queen and Kickbutt Tour Guide

September 4, 2007

It takes a special person to sport decades of wisdom and experience with the agility to climb into the crow’s nest and see what’s coming, but Business Wire’s Laura Sturaitis makes that rare combo seem pedestrian.

laura-warren1For years Laura has led us by the hand through the changing landscape of mainstream media, multimedia, new media and most recently, social media. NOTE TO LAURA: You are one able tour guide!

Laura’s can-do attitude, boundless energy, and level-headed thinking have been instrumental in bringing some of Business Wire’s most successful products to market–like our Smart News Release and EON: Enhanced Online News. And her openness to new ideas grounded in wisdom-based-on-experience constitute a killer app that’s taking Business Wire to the next place.

Congratulations to our dear friend and colleague as she tackles the newly created position of Senior Vice President Media Services & Product Strategy. None of us who know her, love her and work with her have any doubt that Laura will make this latest adventure a success.


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