Clickbait vs. News Releases: How the News Release Perseveres in a Clickbait World

February 12, 2015

By Hannah Kelly, Editor, Business Wire Paris

Clickbait is the term used to describe web content that uses sensationalist headlines in order to generate click-throughs, and often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of quality or accuracy. Clickbait manipulates the “curiosity gap,” enticing readers with an “unpredictable” story through an intriguing title that does not match the resulting story.


It’s become a topical subject of late, with Ben Smith, Buzzfeed’s Editor-in-Chief announcing in November that “Buzzfeed Doesn’t Do Clickbait”, and the creation of The Onion’s satirical website,, almost a year ago. Readers are becoming increasingly exasperated by misleading titles and anticlimactic articles, and a backlash movement has been created. This lead to events such as Facebook declaring that it was taking measures to remove clickbait from the platform and the creation of the ingenious Twitter account @SavedYouAClick, which currently has over 187,000 followers.

So it seems the internet’s largest content creators have decided: clickbait is over.

But if this is true, why do news releases still work? Why is it, in this world of short attention spans and long titles, the news release still catches the attention of media, consumers, analysts, decision makers and more?

Simple. It’s trustworthy.

  • A news release headline will always tell you exactly what you’re about to read. Be it “Company’s Earnings up by 7%” or “Company Nominates Person as New Vice-President,” there are no surprises. The essential information is presented straight away, and the article will contain a more detailed explanation.
  • A news release will include contacts. Want to query something? Find out more information? Discuss an event? At Business Wire, the inclusion of a valid contact (verified by our team) is non-negotiable. This allows the reader, whether they are an analyst or a future customer, direct access to the right person within the company.
  • It provides additional context and content. In past years, PR professionals would have to plea to media outlets to include a link back to their company’s website. However, this is rapidly changing.  More often we now see reporters linking back to a client’s news release within their articles.  This new step allows the readers to read the factual news from the company, while they present their view within their article.
  • Arguably the most important aspect of all – publisher credibility. News releases are the origination point for any story. Reporters utilize this as source data, the raw data they need to tell a story.

So the news release lives on, victorious in its integrity and straightforwardness – and Business Wire can help you to be a part of the reputable news release collective.  Because after all, honesty is the best policy.

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Three Reasons Why PR Professionals Rely On Newswires

February 9, 2015

By Billy Russell, Business Wire Phoenix

Corporate communications have never been more important.  In an internet era where a wealth of knowledge is available at anyone’s fingertips, consumers now have an unprecedented ability to see an entire corporate history unfold before them.  Whether a company is publicly traded or private, it is crucial to a company’s current and longterm success that they communicate initiatives, product rollouts and personnel announcements to the public.  A press release is the tried-and-true surefire method of encapsulating an important, newsworthy event with a cohesive narrative. Once it is written, what happens next?

With so many options available, the task of actually releasing the press release can be daunting.  There are many methods for press release distribution including email blasts and direct pitching to established or discovered contacts at media publications, but for the broadest audience reach possible for your company’s content and breaking news, a commercial newswire like Business Wire is the most effective tool at your disposal.

Why PR Professional Rely on Newswires:

1.  Newswires Increase Visibility – The problem with promoting your news via email is that yay-9159998-digitalultimately it limits the potential impact of your news to only those you already know. A newswire, on the other hand, distributes news to thousands of contacts at one time, via the method they choose to receive news – electronically.  These outlets include major news services like the Associated Press, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Reuters, international news points like JiJi Press and Agence France Press, online services like Yahoo! and key financial communities like J.P. Morgan H&Q.

Outside of the newswire’s proprietary list of media and journalists, many news aggregators utilize newswire feeds to provide relevant content for its desired reading audience.  This means company news can now be discovered and acted upon by thousands of investors and consumers—instantly and on demand.

2.  Newswires Provide Legitimacy – A news release distributed electronically by a newswire will be posted on multiple sites and media sources as opposed to just one company website’s news section, or social channel.   Every media outlet receiving a newswire feed understands that this content has already yay-8022260-digitalpassed through strict publishing guidelines to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.  The efficacy of using a newswire to distribute company news announcements is to live on the web as an official piece of breaking news, to not simply be a single-source announcement.

Distributing your news through a newswire allows you to reach out to the media as a whole (newspapers, magazines, TV and radio), thus inaugurating a company’s name as an official, recognized brand that has a placement in news around the country and in the web.

3.  Trusted Name Recognition – There is nothing more trusted than a familiar name.  Some names become synonymous with products—heck, some corporate names become verbs.  A trusted source is one with a name that is familiar, a name that has become familiar due to reputation and a history of legitimacy.

The media relies on newswires for reputable, vetted company news content.  With an established database of contacts and a unique delivery platform, a newswire can easily deliver a company press release to a media outlet. With thousands of news releases being shared every day, newswires ensure yay-15034446-digitalthat journalists and editors are provided with the content that they need in order to do their jobs.  To make their lives even easier, journalists can use keywords to make sure they receive only the news they are most interested in, by subject and region.

Company news releases are no longer considered to be just a media pitch requesting coverage.  Today’s news releases are viewed as the key source of originating data with more and more media outlets linking to the release to provide readers access to the raw data provided within the press release.

There is an entire world of options to consider when it comes to amplifying your company’s news.  Amplifying your content with newswire distributions ensures you have left no stone unturned in your quest to increase coverage, engagement and sales.

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The PR Secret Every Communicator Must Know: A good image amplifies your voice

February 3, 2015

By Agnes Deleuse, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Business Wire – Paris

Fact:  In today’s digital world, a news release should absolutely integrate multimedia.  Be it photo, video or infographic, the world is now hungry for visual communication.

Why?  Study after study shows that articles containing images get more views than articles without visual assets.  In fact, in 2012 Jeff Bullas noted that articles can receive up to 94% more views!  Imagery helps to communicate your message.  It 3xconveys the essence of your news, giving viewers an opportunity to bond emotionally with your brand. Adding a photo to your news release will increase your visibility.  And if the visual is good, you can even expect a greater impact for your brand.  Why? If the image is so interesting that people click and share it on social media, it increases the audience and impact of your news.  In fact, Business Wire’s own internal data shows that news releases that include photos, videos and other multimedia elements get three times the number of the views as news releases without it.  So what role will images play in your communication program in 2015?

Over the years, our appreciation of photography has changed. New tools and platforms, including blogs, smartphones and social networks, have played a key role in this development.  Photos are everywhere and are quickly becoming the new way for consumers to communicate.  Instagram and Pinterest are amongst the top social media outlets, bringing imagery to a new level.  Showing huge usage figures across the globe, Snapchat allows users to share their feelings with images, instead of straight text. Today’s top communicators understand the power of high-quality and visually appealing photos to make their news even more attractive to reporters, analysts and consumer audiences.

Photos should be inspirational and appealing to readers, i.e., potential customers.  Aren’t you bored of seeing head shots of CEOs as depicted fifty years ago?  Times have changed! Forget the dull background with your CEO standing straight in front of the camera.  Frontal head shots are over.  Today, your CEO can be outside, sitting in his/her office or standing in an industry unit, relaxed, surrounded by a colorful background, in semi-profile bringing true dynamism to the image.  Picture format can be horizontal (wide format being very trendy).  Choose unexpected perspectives and control the lighting to ensure the focus is in the right place.  The photo should capture the person behind the portrait.  The photo should trigger an emotional connection with the viewer, directly shaping their view of the CEO and the organization they lead.


The same applies for products and commercial imagery.  Inanimate objects can be eye-catching too depending on the angle and the arrangement. Presenting a new product does not need to be formal and in a safe tone.  Elevate your product by re-picturing it.  Trends in 2015 are focusing on creating big, dynamic images on small screens.  Use these images to showcase your organization’s big vision.  Remember that the look and feel of your images conveys meaning in and around your brand messages.

We know today that 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text2.  Getting the right image can be the key to conveying your message in a few seconds. Engaging, effective and meaningful visual communications help consolidate your customers’ perceptions of your business, while simultaneously helping to reinforce your brand’s identity.

So, the next time you send a news release, add imagery that people will remember and want to share.

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2/ Source:

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PR Updates From Around the World for the Week of January 26

February 2, 2015

By Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social, Evolving Media

There were quite a few changes in the PR industry last week – below are just a handful of these updates and changes.  To learn more about each news item, simply click the hyperlink.

George Goodwin, one of Atlanta’s leading journalists and public relations executives, passed away peacefully Wednesday morning at his home with his family by his side. Article

Matter Communications has been named a silver winner in the 2014 PR Agency of the Year category, Best in Biz Awards, an independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Article

Pan Communications added a clutch of new clients during 4Q of 2014, helping power record growth at the firm. The new assignments included Black Duck Software; Dragonfly Data Factory; SAP’sFieldGlass; Sharalike; Targit, the maker of Decision Suite; and, Trinity Partners. Article

Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons has tapped marketing agency Bouvier Kelly to lead a public relations campaign to increase its exposure. Article

Ogilvy Public Relations has hired longtime Capitol Hill aide Dan Scandling as SVP for corporate and public affairs. Article

Nahigian Strategies has promoted Danielle Hagen to SVP of communications.  Article

Brunswick Group has appointed Michael Krempasky as head of its digital practice. Article

Alpaytac has expanded its Washington, D.C. office by hiring public affairs and media relations specialist  Justin Wilson. Article

GMMB has promoted Allison Thomas and Christine Glunz to SVP. Article

Los Angeles
Herbalife has hired Marcus Reese in the role of VP for state and local government affairs. Article

Mobile game producer SGN has hired Josh Brooks as SVP of brand strategy and marketing. Article

Blaze announced the addition of the new brand rove to its roster. Article

SKDKnickerbocker announced the hiring of Bill Burton and the opening of a new California office. Article

Fish Consulting announced it has added Lynette McKee, CFE, as a business development consultant.  Article

Uproar PR announced that 2014 was a year of rapid growth for the company. Article

Edelman announced two new hires in its Mexico DF office: Sergio Sanchez, vice president of strategic planning, and Eduardo Cisneros, creative vice president. Article

The Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) Miami chapter announced its newest members for the 2015 board of directors. Article

Sachs Media Group has opened a South Florida office, bringing on Amy Rosen as VP of South Florida operations and lead of the Boca Raton location. Article

Anoka, Minn.-based Pineapple RM announced it has promoted Cassie Roman to assistant account executive. Article

The Integer Group has appointed Bryce McTavish as Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development out of Integer’s Des Moines office. Article

Infiniti Americas has named Aileen Clarke as its West region communications manager. Article

The Arkansas chapter of the Public Relations Society of America has appointed Brandi Hinkle public information manager at the Arkansas Department of Human Services, as its president for 2015. Article

Newport Beach
Opus Bank has named Brett Villaume as SVP and director of investor relations. Article

New York
Investor relations and strategic corporate communications firm MBS Value Partners has brought on Margaret Mager as MD. Article

Syracuse University‘s Newhouse communications school has launched a Masters in Digital Media program, called Communications@Syracuse. It will include custom courses such as multimedia storytelling, social media, and digital communications systems, as well as specialized tracks in advertising, PR, and journalism innovation. Article

JPR Group has hired Jeff Witchel as creative director. Article

Gutenberg Communications announced that it has been selected by the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) to be its communications partner for the U.S.-India Business Summit. Article

FischTank Marketing and PR announced its one-year anniversary since its inception. Article

Supergoop! has retained BrandLink Communications as the public relations agency of record. Article

Jay Strongwater has retained BrandLink Communications as the public relations agency of record. Article

Allison+Partners announced the addition of Tom Smith as managing director of corporate reputation. Article

McCann Worldgroup and its Chairman and CEO, Harris Diamond, have been recognized in Advertising Age’s 2015 Agency A-List special issue honoring the nation’s best advertising and marketing firms. Article

Catherine Walsh has resigned her role as chief communications officer at Coty Inc. Article

Burson-Marsteller has been named agency of record for Article

The Seeds of Africa Foundation has retained Momentum Communications Group, which will provide media relations services to increase awareness of the organization’s mission and programs. Article

The Pollack PR Marketing Group has been selected by ESI Ergonomic Solutions to lead its integrated public relations and national brand marketing efforts. Article

Lippe Taylor has hired Abby Garner as VP of content. Article

Porter Novelli has ended its lengthy search for a global consumer practice leader, hiring Christina Cea to rejoin the firm. Article

Stu Loeser & Co. has expanded to Connecticut with an office in Stamford. The firm has hired Andrew Doba as part of the move. Article

Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations has added The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, and the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston to its client roster. Article

Public relations and social media agency Slice Communications  has reached separate agreements to work with three new companies: BLOCS (Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools), Philadelphia Society of Human Resource Management (PSHRM) and Bookbinder Specialties. Article

Zion & Zion has continued to add to the ranks of its senior talent by welcoming public relations professional Teri Morris. Article

Amendola Communications today announced it has been selected as the public relations agency of record for Sentrian. Article

San Francisco
Edelman has named Kelly Schwager as GM for its Silicon Valley office. Article

Energous Corporation announced it has named Edelman as its communications marketing agency of record. Article

Waggener Edstrom has moved to bolster its digital capabilities, inking a new partnership with digital marketing agency Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG). Article

Silicon Valley
Edelman has named Kelly Schwager as general manager for its Silicon Valley office in the U.S. Western Region. Article

Citrix announced that Robson Grieve is joining its executive team as senior vice president of marketing. Article

Hong Kong
Hoffman will develop and execute integrated marketing communications campaigns based on actionable market insights for Waters. Article

QD Vision, Inc. has brought in Text100 to handle its Greater China communications. Article

Rally has launched Socio 3.0 to bring full suite of social marketing cloud services to its clients. Article

int/ext Communications has strengthened its leadership team and broadened its shareholder base by appointing Michael Felber a new shareholder and Partner. Article

Next 15 is to raise £4.3m by selling new shares, in order to fund three acquisitions in the UK over the next six months. Article

UK infrastructure group Balfour Beatty has shifted financial PR duties to Tulchan Communications as it attempts to turn around its troubled UK construction business. Article

UK satellite communications company Inmarsat has handed global corporate PR duties to Instinctif Partners. Article

Brands2Life has launched Brands2Life Global, an enhanced global communications capability aimed at supporting clients on the global stage. Article

North America’s Deseret Digital Media (DDM) has selected Cxense solutions, including the Cxense Data Management Platform (DMP) to increase reader engagement and conversion on its premier sites. Article

Finn Partners has been awarded global PR lead agency duties for Xchanging‘s technology business unit following a competitive RFP process. Article

MHP Communications has hired employee engagement specialist Gillian Tong as an MD and head of internal communications. Article

Lewis PR has been appointed to deliver PR services for London-based startup Laundrapp. Article

Scandinavian digital firm Nordic.Agency has announced pan-Nordic affiliate venture with Ogilvy Public Relations.  Article

Good Relations has appointed Anna Terrell as consumer director. Article

H+K Strategies, London (H+K) has grown its technology team with the hire of Chris Gibbs as an associate director. In addition, Rachel Magson, Neil Thomas and Joe McNamara have also been appointed to the technology team as account managers. Article

Tangerine has strengthened its B2B senior team by hiring Sally Martin as senior account director. Article

Specialist today has merged its operations into Omnicom sibling FleishmanHillard’s FH ContentWorks as one of the lead content studios in EMEA. Article

Tonic Life founders Scott Clark and Oliver Parsons have unveiled a new marketing services group, nine months after announcing their departure from Huntsworth Health. Article

London-based Liberty Communications announced that it has been selected by Donky to support the launch of the company into the UK and U.S. market and grow brand awareness. Article

MMGY Global announced that European travel marketing specialist, Chris Pomeroy, has assumed the role of Director Global Strategies and Client Services and will open MMGY’s first European office in Madrid. Article

Carolina Bajaj has stepped down from her role as deputy MD at Weber Shandwick India, just seven months after joining the firm. Article

PR agency Porter Novelli has announced it has hired Edelman New York’s senior vice president Rhys Ryan to head up its corporate communications practice in the role of managing partner in Australia. Article

Sesame Workshop in India has appointed Avian Media as their public relations agency.  Article

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Business Wire Shares 5 Ways to Work with Reporters to Tell Your Story

January 27, 2015

By Whitney Cowit, Business Wire Chicago

1.  Invite the media into your “inner circle”

Reporters want broader access to both the C-Suite and employees on-the-ground. Invite the media to your facilities and yay-13478388-digitalintroduce them to employees at various levels of your organization. Additionally, connect them with your customers so they can hear another part of your story.

2.  Promote your experts

Conduct regular check-ins with reporters who cover your industry to see the stories and trends they are reporting on and to offer your unique viewpoint. Timeliness is key for most reporters and being proactive can help your team generate traction. This also establishes ongoing relationships that can benefit future coverage of your news.

3.  Build an ongoing corporate narrative with positive news stories

Journalists generally view PR pitches with a critical eye, so gaining interest in positive stories is a tough sell. Your objective should be to build an ongoing cadence of positive news to generate momentum and spike the interest of reporters. For example, sharing unconnected stories about your business will not have the same impact as correlating your CSR efforts to your corporate culture and vision for growth.

4.  Be ahead of the trendsyay-14998652-digital

Journalists are drawn to trend pieces and want to know how organizations provide solutions that address the issues facing their industry. Demonstrating how your products are being used in innovative ways could increase the potential of being part of the story.

5.  Explore new outlets

Create a new audience by with journalists who have never covered your news. Are they writing about your competitors? Can you offer an alternative view on a recently published article? Part of doing your homework on these editors should include commenting on and sharing their work in advance of your pitch. Showing interest in their work may create relationships that can lead to future opportunities.

Business Wire’s dedicated media relations and sales staff are always happy to help with best practices and tips for reaching media.  Got questions? Send them our way! Or click below to read more tips from Business Wire’s editorial team:

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[RECAP] LeWeb 2014: Silicon Valley in Paris

January 23, 2015

By Simona Colletta, Media Relations Specialist – Paris

Launched in 2004 to deepen the connection between big companies, startups, visionaries, and leaders in technology, LeWeb is Europe’s greatest internet conference and, in just ten years, has become a must-attend event worldwide. Business Wire was proud to be the official news distributor of LeWeb 2014 which had 3500 visitors, 300 journalists and 70 bloggers all from 80 different countries attend this year’s conference.

LeWeb 2014

The conference is seen as a passport for corporate success. Every year LeWeb organizes a startup competition, with winners of the past editions having earned between 500.000 and 1 million euros during the year following the event.  This year there was something new about the startup competition: a pre-competition was organized in four European cities (Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Stockholm) with the winner in each city chosen to participate in the Paris final competition. This year’s winner was Jukedeck, which automatically creates cheap, free-access, unlimited music. Its CEO Ed Rex astonished the audience by rapping his pitch in front of the judging panel.

An apple a day… does it keep the e-doctor away?

This edition of LeWeb was dedicated to the theme of Digital Health. Fred Wilson, a famous American investor (Twitter, Soundcloud, Foursquare, etc.), predicted that in 2015, successful and innovating companies will appear in the health sector. The potential impact of digital help could revolutionize the industry for medical staff and patients alike; therefore investments in this sector keep growing exponentially. As LeWeb conference called it – Digital Health would be “the reinvention of Healthcare.”

Doctor Daniel Kraft, a Harvard-trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and innovator (with over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation), delivered one of the most significant speeches of this year’s conference.  Doctor Kraft gave an interesting perspective of tomorrow’s patient, who he says will be equipped with sensors in order to follow and measure his/her health day by day. He said, “With connected health, you will become your own health’s boss”.  Kraft believes the individual will be more responsible and autonomous, and he/she will share information with his/her doctor, just as he/she now shares pictures or music on social networks. Business actors such as Apple, outside of this sector until now, will start to conquer the territory with, for example, the Healthkit, now available on iPhones.

Nicolas Huchet

Nicolas Huchet and BionicoHand

While there were many attention-grabbing speeches and products and projects, one stood out in particular. Bionicohand is a French project that aims to make accessible “the construction of a prosthetic upper limb at a low cost, due to standardized parts and open sources, easy to repair and therefore accessible to people with limited financial resources. This project wants to open new opportunities for emerging countries that do not have access to such equipment.”

Bionico’s CEO, Nicolas Huchet, presented the project. Nicolas’s arm was amputated when he was 18 and he was equipped with a myoelectric prosthesis, which allowed him to open and close a pincer. This was a good first step toward autonomy, but today there are many high-tech solutions that allow for the opportunity to better simulate human hands in motion. The problem is that high-tech prostheses can cost up to €65.000 and they are not covered by French social security. So Nicolas decided to build his own prosthesis using 3D printing technology (with the help of a local Fablab). That is how Bionicohand was born in 2013. Its mission is to give the same opportunity to others, who can download the plans for free.

Stay connected

LeWeb is a great occasion for co-working and networking. It gives companies the opportunity to be known in this “cruel” technology world and, at the same time, gives the private individual the opportunity to learn about technology and tech trends, even if they are a new to the techspace.

With all of this amazing information being shared at LeWeb, Isn’t it a good reason for visiting Paris next winter?

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Business Wire in 2015: A look ahead with Cathy Baron Tamraz, CEO and Gregg Castano, President

December 29, 2014

Year-end is a time for both reflection and anticipation. In looking back at 2014, Business Wire is particularly proud of leading industry innovations in three important areas: security, multimedia, and measurement. These major advances reinforce Business Wire’s core value proposition, while creating the potential of even greater return on investment for you.

Business Wire Capsule

Our primary focus is developing products and services that are responsive to your needs while delivering exceptional value and results. And while our vision remains fresh and forward-thinking, we have purposely retained our emphasis on the foundations of our success: client service, newsroom accuracy, and network security.

A key milestone for Business Wire in 2014 was our receipt of the Service Organization Control [SOC] 2 Type II attestation engagement report, which provided independent validation that our internal security controls are in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ applicable Trust Services Principles and Criteria. The report clearly illustrates that security is of paramount concern at Business Wire; it provides assurance that we have the appropriate protocols in place to safeguard sensitive corporate announcements.

Additionally, Business Wire broke new ground by launching News and Picture Capsules. These dynamic content marketing platforms deliver multimedia campaigns that are fully compatible with all media channels and delivery devices.  The capsules provide simple embed links that enable users to integrate multimedia features into their own websites, blogs and social channels, and are accompanied by real-time dashboards providing comprehensive metrics.

Business Wire also expanded NewsTrak analytics by integrating NUVI social reporting into our monitoring solution. The report gauges a release’s impact by analyzing social mentions and translating them into graphically rich summaries that demonstrate engagement, sentiment, and influencer identification. Clients are able to pinpoint which messages are resonating online, identify the key drivers of the conversation, and respond accordingly.

While multimedia and measurement were the twin drivers of our recent product development, we maintained our traditional thought-leadership role through client-focused publications, industry surveys, and webinars. Timely themes included press release optimization, social media and publicly traded companies, multicultural marketing, and a media survey on the content needs of today’s changing newsroom. Look for more of these engaging content programs in the year ahead.

These exciting initiatives set the stage for what will prove to be a richly rewarding new year, filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Business Wire hopes to contribute to your success by providing the tools and turnkey solutions necessary for today’s complex communications challenges.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your business and, most importantly, for your continued trust and confidence.  We look forward to 2015 with great anticipation, hoping that it will be a year of peace, health, and prosperity for all.


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