LatinoWire Expert Series Webinar: Meet Leading Hispanic Journalists and Bloggers on Oct. 15

October 6, 2014

By Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor & LatinoWire Media Relations Representative, Business Wire Miami

Join Business Wire’s LatinoWire webinar on Wednesday, October 15 at 1 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. CT / 10 a.m. PT, featuring prominent Latino journalists and bloggers from around the country. In this webinar, our speakers will take a look at the latest trends and issues being covered. They’ll also look past Hispanic Heritage Month and provide best practices and guidelines for PR in 2014 and 2015.


Rafael Cores, News Director, impreMedia

Twitter: @eldiariony & @rafacores

Lorraine C. Ladish, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of
Twitter: @lorrainecladish & @vivafifty

Marissa Rodriguez, Editor, Vista Magazine

Twitter: @MarissaRodz & @VistaMag

Johanna Torres, Editor, Founding Editor-In Chief of Mamá, Chief Content Editor and Multi-Media Lifestyle Expert and Brand Ambassador
Twitter: @MamasLatinasUSA & @MiBlogazine

Monica Vila, Founder and Managing Director, Online Mom Media
Twitter: @TheOnlineMom


Danny Selnick, Senior Vice President, Strategic Markets, LatinoWire & Public Policy Services, Business Wire DC
Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor & LatinoWire Media Relations Representative, Business Wire Miami


This webinar is a free event for all attendees. For more information and to register go to:

LatinoWire reaches influential Hispanic bloggers, decision-makers and more than 1,200 US-Hispanic newsrooms in both Spanish and English. Click here for more information on LatinoWire and media reach.

New FREE Service, Expert Latinos, Helps Connect Hispanic Reporters with Sources

September 23, 2014

In an age where Hispanic media outlets are understaffed and reporters are on tight deadlines—in comes a new free service called Expert Latinos. Expert Latinos was created to help Hispanic reporters find sources and experts for their stories, saving them time and energy.

The way it works is very simple. Basically the reporter fills out a quick form directly on the website ( detailing what they are looking for. The request is then sent via a daily email to the list of subscribers, which consists of experts, entrepreneurs, public relation professionals and much more.  As a subscriber, if you see a story in which you can contribute to, you then simply reply directly to the reporter via email.


Launched in April 2014, Expert Latinos has quickly become the go-to-source for Hispanic media outlets looking to quickly identify experts and sources. Among the media outlets already using Expert Latinos includes reporters and writers for: Univision, Telemundo, La Opinion, EFE America, Yahoo! Mujer, Vista Magazine, El Diario/La Prensa…the list goes on and on.

Reporters are submitting queries for just about anything from “I’m working on a story on the future of Spanish in the U.S. and need an expert in linguistics” to “I’m currently working on an article and need to interview entrepreneurs to talk about the best tools to grow their business.” Best of all, it’s completely free for reporters and sources alike.

So if you’re a source or expert and are looking to promote your business and get free exposure you can sign up here. Stay on top of the daily email alerts because you never know when something might come up where you might be the perfect fit. Simply reply back to the reporter via the email they provided.

If you’re a journalist and are looking for an expert or source for an upcoming story you can start submitting your request here. Reporters can also chose to send their queries anonymously, in which case their outlet and email will not be disclosed.  Expert Latinos will then receive the responses and forward them to the reporter.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

The Role of PR in Multicultural Outreach: Has Your Program Adapted?

April 9, 2014

This week, Business Wire Paris’ Hannah Kelly’s article on The Role of PR in Multicultural Outreach is featured in

With the globalization of the communications industry, and the ever-changing demographics of the United States, multicultural outreach has never been so important. Currently, the combined buying power of the Hispanic, Black, Asian and Native American communities combined is over $1.5 trillion, with Hispanics opening small businesses three times faster than the national averageAs these key audiences gain influence, organizations must customize and adapt their programs to meet the unique needs of each.

Read the full story at

Learn more about Business Wire’s multicultural PR services:

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 – Celebrating the 500 Year History of Latinos in the US

September 6, 2013

by Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor and LatinoWire Media Representative

Last month I attended a screening of Latino Americansa 3 part, 6 hour documentary series made for television for Hispanic Heritage Month, along with a signing of the companion book Latino Americans: The 500-Year Legacy That Shaped a Nation at the Excellence in Journalism 2013 conference in Anaheim, California. Ray Suarez, PBS Newshour Senior Correspondent and author of the Latino Americans companion book;  and actor Benjamin Bratt, who narrates the documentary series, were on hand to discuss the project.

Ray Suarez and Pilar Portela

Latino Americans author Ray Suarez and Business Wire’s Pilar Portela

When asked why he became involved with the project, Ray Suarez shared:

I think the general audience will come away from reading the book, or listening to the audio book, and watching the TV series, with a much better grasp of American history, not just Latino history. I think Latino readers and viewers will understand not only their own family’s history better, but those of the other countries and cultures that have contributed to this `Latino moment’.

Latino Americans  chronicles the rich and diverse 500 year history of Latinos in the United States. It covers everything from expansionism to the Wild West to World War II to the Great Depression to the Civil Rights movement. But immigration is at the heart of the series that has affected and continues to affect the Latino American experience. Featured in the series are entertainer Rita Moreno; labor leader and 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Dolores Huerta; Mexican-American author and commentator Linda Chávez; Cuban singer and entrepreneur Gloria Estefan; and Univision Network Anchor María Elena Salinas, among others.

Neyda Martinez, PBS/WETA’s National Engagement Consultant for Latino Americans said, “This project has afforded me the pleasure to have conversations with national, regional and local leaders to develop partnerships on behalf of the series. What’s most exciting to me about this series is the impact it can have on young people for years to come.

“It’s very bold of PBS to roll out the series with the statement, ‘Latino American History is American History,’ and I love it!” continued Martinez:

“We’re not a boom, we’re not a fad, we’re not a trend. We’ve always been here, as University of Arizona Professor Roberto Rodriguez will explain in his blog piece. We’re a diverse people connected through history, culture and language redefining and reclaiming our place in a complicated contemporary world. In talking with educators and leaders around the country there’s renewed confidence and hope. We are here. We are today. We are tomorrow. It’s a very exciting time for our community. This series, in many ways, fits in to the cultural zeitgeist of the day.”

Benjamin Bratt & Pilar Portela

Actor Benjamin Bratt and Pilar Portela

The special documentary will air during Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 (September 15-October 15) on Tuesdays: September 17, September 24, and Oct. 1 at 8:00 PM ET on PBS. It will also broadcast nationally on Vme, the Spanish-language channel on public television, over six consecutive Fridays beginning on September 20.

The companion book, Latino Americans: The 500-Year Legacy That Shaped a Nation is published by Penguin/Celebra and is now available in English and Spanish and as an eBook.

LatinoWire reaches influential Hispanic bloggers, decision-makers and more than 1,200 US-Hispanic newsrooms in both Spanish and English. Click here for more information on LatinoWire and media reach.

Hispanicize 2013 Conference Recap

April 19, 2013
by Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor and LatinoWire Media Representative

Business Wire’s LatinoWire was a proud sponsor of Hispanicize 2013 in Miami — a yearly conference where hundreds of journalists, bloggers, film and music artists and communications professionals gather to hear from top Latino trendsetters. This year the conference was five days long, with more than 100 sessions and featured 260 speakers.

Danny Selnick & Pilar Portela

Danny Selnick & Pilar Portela

LatinoWire Vice President Danny Selnick and I were on-site offering our press release expertise to attendees and participated in all the conference events. I also had the opportunity to moderate three incredible media panels:

1)         Hispanic Media Relations Evolves: Best Practices on What Remains the Same and What’s Changed in 2013 (sponsored by Getty Images)

2)         Managing Your Social Personas

3)         Finding Your Voice as a Commentator

All three panels were a mix of media relations, social media and television, and covered the challenges of pitching the Hispanic media, finding the right balance between your professional and personal social media accounts and what is the key to having a strong voice as a commentator, just to name a few.

Charlie Garcia, Garcia Trujillo, LLC and Latino Rebels;  Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of "Enrique's Journey"; Fernando Espuelas, Host of "El Show de Fernando Espuelas", Univision America; Pilar Portela, Business Wire; and Ruben Navarrette, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Charlie Garcia, Garcia Trujillo, LLC and Latino Rebels; Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of “Enrique’s Journey”; Fernando Espuelas, Host of “El Show de Fernando Espuelas”, Univision America; Pilar Portela, Business Wire; and Ruben Navarrette, Nationally Syndicated Columnist

The New Target Market: Hispanic Millennials

Hispanicize also featured a social media Hispanic news platforms session with panelists from Fox News Latino, Fusion (the new ABC/Univision joint venture), Huffpost Voces, NBC Latino and Voxxi. The discussion focused on the new target market for these media platforms, which are Hispanic Millennials — U.S. born Hispanics who speak English and are between the ages of 18 to 49. Fox News Latino, NBC Latino and Voxxi offer their online news sites in English. The new Fusion news site is planning to do the same. All speakers agreed in order for the Latino market to continue to grow, the focus is going to be the younger generation Latinos.

In addition, the conference featured almost round the clock activity with:

-     Daytime industry workshops and sessions for journalists, bloggers, communications (PR and Marketing) professionals and film and music artists.

-     Latinovator Luncheons featuring Actor and Singer Carlos Ponce, Zumba’s Beto Perez, Movie Director Nicolás López and Journalist Soledad O’Brien.

-     Evening red carpet movie premieres and music concerts featuring Latino artists.

More information on the conference can be found here.

Adrian Carrasquillo, NBC Latino; Pilar Portela, Business Wire; and Daniel Rivero, WLRN/Miami Herald News

Adrian Carrasquillo, NBC Latino; Pilar Portela, Business Wire; and Daniel Rivero, WLRN/Miami Herald News

LatinoWire reaches influential Hispanic bloggers, decision-makers and more than 1,200 US-Hispanic newsrooms in both Spanish and English. Click here for more information on LatinoWire and media reach.

Meet the Hispanic Market’s Most Influential Bloggers

April 8, 2013
by Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor, Business Wire/Miami

At LatinoWire’s recent webinar “Meet the Hispanic Market’s Most Influential Bloggers,” bloggers from The Wise Latina Club,,, and Hispanicize 2013 shared their formula of success, how they built their blog, projects they are working on, how to effectively reach the Hispanic community and much more.

Below are some highlights from the webinar:

viviana_hurtadoViviana Hurtado, Ph.D – The Wise Latina Club @vivianahurtado @wiselatinaclub

  • Know your vision, listen to your community and stick to that.
  • There’s a lot of noise and clutter wanting you to be something you’re not, don’t listen.
  • Define who you are and stay in your lane.
  • Think outside the box, I may not be the expert you’re looking for, doesn’t mean we can’t work together, think partnership.

jeannette_kaplunJeannette Kaplun- @jeannettekaplun

  • Latina women have so many different layers and dimensions.
  • Many question if there’s a market for women, yes!
  • Having a big blogging space and competition makes everyone better.
  • If you ignore your community, there’s nowhere to grow.
  • You need to listen, see the reaction of your audience, and comment.
  • Provide good, helpful content. If readers don’t like what they see/read they won’t come back to your site.
  • Nothing beats interaction, it’s a two-way intersection.
  • Online relationships are like regular relationships, you need to listen!


LorraineLaddishLorraine C. Ladish- @lorrainecladish @mamiverse

  • Empower and address the mother as a whole – Latina, Mother, bilingual, bicultural, etc.
  • I love the direct connection with the reader.
  • Initiate a conversation, it’s the biggest success you can have.
  • Social media cuts down the barriers, no longer talking to an audience without a face, instead it’s more personal, one-on-one interaction with the reader.
  • Always respect, even the “little people,” you’ll never know how big/successful they’ll be in the future.
  • Be yourself, life is too short.


mannyRuizManny Ruiz Hispanicize 2013 @MannyRuiz @Hispanicize

  • Social media has upped the ante
  • Journalists can now make a living off their own work, all you need is some entrepreneurial skills
  • Hispanicize is the SXSW for Latinos, we’re building entrepreneur opportunities for bloggers.
  • Everyone should learn & understand “content marketing” — it’s here to stay
  • There’s a strong (and growing) community of Spanish language bloggers that are jumping into the fray.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • You’ll break your teeth, make mistakes doing it. It’s ok. If not, you weren’t riding the bike in the first place.
  • Just do it!

If you missed the LatinoWire expert webinar series, a recording is available. For more information on future LatinoWire expert webinars go to

LatinoWire reaches influential Hispanic bloggers, decision-makers and more than 1,200 US-Hispanic newsrooms in both Spanish and English. Click here for more information on LatinoWire and media reach. And don’t forget to visit us at Booth #14 at Hispanicize 2013!

“Meet The Hispanic Media Features Panel” Webinar Recording Now Available

October 10, 2012

If you missed LatinoWire’s Expert webinar,“Meet The Hispanic Media Features Panel,” with reporters from Efe News Service, Fox News Latino, NBC Latino, and Vista News Magazine, fear not! A recording of the webinar is now available for your listening pleasure.



Despite the issues we had with the audio (and we apologize), it was probably one of the most well-attended LatinoWire Expert Series Webinars to date — with lots of good tips, take-aways and contact information.  Below you’ll find a summary of what was said by each of our speakers, and should you wish to listen again to the full Webinar, kindly click on this link.

Claudia Solis - Servicio Hispano at Efe News Services

  • Servicio Hispano is focused exclusively on US Latinos for the past 8 years and is the main news supplier of many Spanish media outlets in the US, such as Univision, impreMedia, MSN Latino, Yahoo!, CNN en Español, Fox Latino, and about 90 other clients.
  • Our network has 20 correspondents, who are distributed throughout the main Latino markets in the US in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.
  • We cover the Hispanic community in the US from entertainment to immigration, including sports, features, education, politics, community, etc.
  • We are looking for new voices, emerging topics, and exploring angles in coordination with the photo and video departments.
  • For product/service type stories we prefer that they have a human angle to them. Find an angle that tells a story and that is about people.
  • We are a Spanish-language news agency and prefer to receive news stories in Spanish but can work with English-language stories too.
  • Prefer to be pitched via email.

Carolyn Salazar — Fox News Latino

  • Targets second and third generation Latinos.
  • It has hardhitting, in-depth, investigative and light story lines from around the country and Latin America.
  • Launched two years ago, the website puts face on Latino issues through profiles or niche stories.
  • FNL covers news, politics, lifestyle, entertainment and health stories.
  • Daily operation so always looking for stories and story ideas. We cover substantive social issues and lighter stories that a human dimension to important Latino issues.
  • Since we have a national reach, we prefer issue-type stories and trends, rather than local events and products.
  • We like pitches tied to big events or holidays.
  • Prefer pitches by email, do not like phone calls.  We do appreciate when pitches know and understand our audience — second/third generation Latinos who still care about their culture, but are more comfortable speaking and reading in English.
  • We do profile individuals and companies, but the person and company should either be well-known or be doing something no one else is doing and that few people know about.
  • I appreciate pitches that show some preliminary reporting suggesting what the theme or the angle of the piece might be.

Nina Terrero — NBC Latino

  • NBC Latino is unique from other Latino audience outlets because every single subject area we cover (politics, news, lifestyle, entertainment, technology and more) is written from the perspective of moving it beyond the usual conversation towards something more inspired, empowered and energized.
  • We report beyond the expected headlines and try to reflect our audience; where they come from and where they are headed. We know our audience is smart and accomplished, and we know they aspire for even more.
  • As someone who produces lifestyle content, I appreciate working with publicists who can write an articulate, compelling pitch (whether it’s a product launch, news-you-can-use, industry developments, etc.) accompanied with (when applicable) pictures, video and access to expert sources.
  • Email works best, but a follow-up call is often appreciated and I am accessible via Twitter as well at @thenininsky.
  • My stories appear throughout NBC Latino on various verticals and have run on NBC Universal outlets like the Today Show, Nightly News with Brian Williams, Education Nation and MSNBC.
  • Towards that end, I appreciate working with someone who can look beyond the expected to create a story that’s compelling and reflective of a dynamic population here in the United States.

Marissa Rodriguez — Vista Magazine

  • Vista is a 27-year-old magazine that caters to Latinas, helping them “live the good life made simple.” We are a resource guide for living an organized, streamlined and fulfilled life.
  • In both print and on our website, we focus on simple solutions for everyday challenges in the areas most important to our reader’s lives.
  • In print we publish six themed issues per year: Health (January/February), Work & Life (March/April), Parenting (May/June), Back to School & Style (July/August), Education & Hispanic Heritage (September/October) and Holiday (November/December). However, each issue offers an array of content across the spectrum of topics we cover. Our tone is inspirational and aspirational, but always accessible.
  • The best pitches for us are those about people or things that can show us how to make our lives easier. Ideally, they should also be very in-culture, featuring Hispanic spokespeople or sources, showing how they relate to Latinos, or be otherwise very relevant to our audience.
  • We are a dual-language magazine and website, so pitches in both languages are accepted.
  • Pitches with images are preferred.
  • For print, our ideal time frame is 60 days prior to circulation. Pitches for web can be accepted with a much shorter lead-time. E-mail pitches are preferred.


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