Google Restricts Keyword Data

Google Analytics

Picture from Google Analytics

by Fred Godlash, Marketing Specialist, Business Wire

Google implemented encryption this week that blocks companies from seeing search information from individuals; next time you do a search look for the “https” with a padlock icon in the address bar of the browser. This change will constrain keyword data sent to Google Analytics and other keyword tools that use that public data.  Although good for the general public, public relations professionals that are still using keyword data to optimize a press release may need to focus on quality content.

Since Google makes money by selling advertising, the new encrypted search will not change data sent to Adwords.

Is the message loud and clear that organic keyword statistics are going the way of the dinosaur?

What is the long term effect of limited data?

Will it change how you optimize your press releases in the future?

What are your thoughts?

Give us your comments.

4 Responses to Google Restricts Keyword Data

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