You Better Be BusinessWired!

November 30, 2006

Welcome to the first post of the new blog from Business Wire. I am Laura Sturaitis, Business Wire’s VP New Media Development.

I have been with Business Wire for 15 years and I have watched with great interest and excitement over the years the way in which public relations, investor relations and corporate communications has changed, morphed and evolved. 

My colleagues at Business Wire and I have decided it is high time we get into the online conversation about these developments and share our impressions on how they have and will impact our industry.

So this is your invitation to join us here to discuss, debate and dream. We promise to share our insights and to put the buzz in some context. To offer some tips and hints on how to harness new media tools and technologies, while also pointing out the opportunities for maximizing tried and true media and public relations strategies and best practices which have served Business Wire members every single day for more than 45 years!


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